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IRS reopens income verification service for mortgages despite shutdown

Approximately 70,000 IRS employees have been on unpaid furlough since the partial government shutdown began on Dec. 22, but the move to reopen the IVES program reportedly came after a request from the Mortgage Bankers Association to senior officials in the Treasury Department, according to the Washington Post . The inability to process the tax transcript forms was holding up mortgage applications around the country. However, the move has come under criticism for allowing a carve-out in the government shutdown to benefit a specific industry.

As a result, 400 furloughed IRS employees were called back to work on Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio; Ogen, Utah; Kansas City, Missouri; and Fresno, California; and are being paid. The IRS announced last Monday that it was calling back a number of employees to help with tax season, the new tax law, and to make sure tax refunds are processed in time, although most of them will have to wait to get paid until after Congress and President Trump agree on a deal to end the shutdown (see IRS will pay refunds during the shutdown, easing pressure for a deal ).

Will standard variable rate rise for the mortgage express customers. I have been reading a lot about Halifax?

I am a little worried. My svr at the moment is 4.95% and i pay 425.00 at the moment every month.

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