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Should I pay my mortgage with a credit card?

If you want to rack up tons of credit card points, you might wonder whether you should pay a mortgage with a credit card.

As clever as the idea may seem, it’s often a bad idea, especially if your credit card balance begins to grow.

Fewer and fewer options

Before the housing meltdown changed the way the  mortgage  industry operates, people would go through a third-party service to make mortgage payments.

Frequently, homeowners used these services including credit cards to manage a mortgage they could not afford rather than to earn credit card points. In other words, it was an act of desperation.

More recently, one of the easiest ways to pay a mortgage with a credit card and rack up points was by using American Express Serve , a reloadable prepaid debit card account.

The prepaid account allowed users to load money onto the card and pay monthly bills or buy things. American Express Serve helped many people skirt the issue of mortgage companies that would not take credit card payments.

Will standard variable rate rise for the mortgage express customers. I have been reading a lot about Halifax?

I am a little worried. My svr at the moment is 4.95% and i pay 425.00 at the moment every month.