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Paul Manafort now facing raft of bank, mortgage fraud charges

The “DMI” referenced in that excerpt is DMP International , a company Manafort created to “engage in work for foreign clients, in particular political consulting, lobbying, and public relations for the Government of Ukraine, the Party of Regions, and members of the Party of Regions.”

Earlier this week, NBC News reported that Mueller’s team is investigating whether Manafort promised a White House job to Stephen Calk, the CEO of The Federal Savings Bank, in order to get several mortgages from the bank. In a previous filing in Manafort’s case, Mueller accused Manafort of altering DMP International’s P&L statements to get loans from Federal Savings.

The new indictment does not identify the lenders that Manafort allegedly defrauded, referring only to Lender A, B, C, and D.

But the indictment does detail how Manafort and Gates allegedly committed fraud against the lenders, including allegedly falsely stating income, the previously mentioned doctored income statements, and lying about hundreds of thousands in credit card debt that negatively impacted Manafort’s credit score.

Analysis suggests mortgages are less accessible to blacks, Latinos

“We’re not accounting for all the factors. So you can’t label something discrimination until you’ve ruled out absolutely everything else.”

The American Bankers Association slammed Reveal’s work, saying it misrepresents “the realities” of the mortgage market and misleads readers.

“It is troubling that Reveal decided to report on such a serious issue without providing the necessary context and background needed to explain why some borrowers may not qualify for mortgages,” the trade group said in a statement emailed to the San Antonio Express-News.

Mortgage Bankers Association Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni said the analysis appears incomplete. “The Federal Reserve and other experts have repeatedly noted that the HMDA data … does not include sufficient data to make a determination regarding fair lending,” he said.

Reveal stood by its work Wednesday, noting it conveyed in its stories the industry’s perspective that credit scores and other risk factors may explain some of the disparities it discovered.

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