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The company, which is valued at $3.49B, last published its earnings results on Tuesday, 04/24/2018 for the quarter that ended in Mar-18. The business posted revenue of $85.44 million for the three-month period, above $1.37 million, compared to analysts’ forecasts of $84.07 million with a surprise factor of 1.62%.

At times, the stock market can get highly confusing – even for some of the most experienced traders. Even when the result is what you had expected, the market might suddenly decide to make an opposing movement. This can spark a great deal of doubt and second-guessing. Keeping tabs on historical price performance, as well as both long-term and short-term trends, can be very useful. Over the past 7 days, Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NYSE:BXMT) stock has increased in price by 0.06%. Looking backwards over the past quarter, these shares have gained 1.59%. Turning to look at the last 6 months, this stock has added 0.31% to its price. Since the beginning of the calendar year, this stock has moved up by 0.73%.

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/Share in dividends, with a 100% increase in dividends paid since 2018.  In other words, all things being equal, companies with appreciating shares should have lower dividend yields. Because ORM's stock price has significantly outperformed its peer group in total stockholder return, we have a lower dividend yield.

3.    FACT: Permanently Reduced Fees Paid to ORM's External Manager are Received as Gross Revenue and NOT Net Income:  

Do not be tricked by the Hovde Group's misrepresentations about fees paid to ORM's external manager. The Hovde Group deceptively compares these fees to net income to the external manager when they can only be appropriately compared to gross revenue.  The fact remains that less than 1/3 of ORM's gross revenue has been paid to its external manager in fees since our public listing 5 years ago.  In addition, over the course of several years, the independent members of your Board have been working closely with leading financial consultant, FTI, and recently negotiated a permanent reduction in fees paid to ORM's external manager.  This has already resulted in a 22.2% fee reduction, comparing Q1 2018 to Q1 2017.  As of last quarter, our management fees were among the lowest of our peers.

Does anyone know if the NAA mortgage protection group is legit?

I answered one of their ads on craigslist. And they are saying that i dont even have to have my license as an insurance agent, that they will train me...

Check out the RipOff report -Agents-Alliance/Insurance-Agencies/NAA- National-Agents-Alliance-4B583.htm

They are also mentioned at indeed.