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Kevin Morgan pleads guilty to felony for role in $167M mortgage fraud case

When a federal judge asked Rochester-area businessman Kevin Morgan to explain his criminal wrongdoing in a $167.5 million mortgage fraud case, Morgan began his statement with these words: “At the direction of my uncle.”

Those six words could foreshadow where prosecutors are heading with the ongoing investigation into Morgan Management and Morgan Communities, a group of companies that own about 3,500 apartments in the Buffalo area. And they could mean trouble for Morgan’s uncle, Robert C. Morgan, the companies' founder and chief executive officer.

Kevin Morgan, the vice president of Morgan Management, pleaded guilty on Friday to felony conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Kevin Morgan is now a cooperating witness and is helping federal prosecutors and agents with the investigation, his attorney, Patrick J. Brown, told U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford.

The terms of Kevin Morgan’s guilty plea require him to provide complete and truthful information about the mortgage fraud scheme. Kevin Morgan and three other businessmen are charged in the case. So far, Robert Morgan is not among them.

L.A.'s Housing Crisis Hits Hollywood: The Entertainment Workers Living in Their Cars

In response to exorbitant rents, many assistants, craftspeople and working actors are adopting a transient lifestyle, some by choice, some less so: "It's hard for me to say this because I don't think of myself as in need of help, but right now I need help."

Even by Los Angeles standards, Noelle spends a lot of time worrying about parking. A writers room production assistant for a major streamer and script reader for a premium cable network, Noelle wakes up at 6 a.m. on weekdays to secure a spot close to her jobs in West L.A. After work, she moves her white, unassuming Ford Transit to another spot, carefully chosen to be located in a non-residentially zoned area without nightly parking restrictions and far away from any schools, daycare facilities or parks. She is constantly rotating these "day spots" and "night spots," as she calls them, so as not to annoy neighbors or attract too much attention. These days, Noelle jokes, she's more worried about a cop knocking on her window than getting "murdered or attacked."

What would you do regarding a potential house move?

Hi, the house we live in at the moment is semi detached with 3 bedrooms. We have done a lot of work to this house and there is still a bit more to do.

You've got some good replies which I agree with.

So let me be "devils advocate" to help you make up your mind.

How safe is your job?