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Cabrini Blues

If public housing is the physical manifestation of a hope for social progress, that hope has its own historical twist in the United States. After the abolition of slavery in 1865, white Americans, faced with the prospect of living with African-Americans, opted for segregation. In the southern United States segregation was not only de facto but also de jure. Jim Crow laws, passed by local governments as early as the 1870s and 1880s, mandated the segregation of public facilities, education, and transportation.

When it came to housing, segregation was enforced through racially restrictive covenants—binding legal obligations written into the deed of a property by the seller that barred African-Americans (and other minorities) from buying, leasing, or using it. The practice was common in both the southern and northern United States. Ironically, it was the National Housing Act of 1934—part of President Franklin D.

Juniper Networks brand relaunch: standing out from the crowd

“It is a noisy space, and our competitors are much larger than us, with much larger marketing megaphones, so we need to ensure our messages are highly relevant and targeted.”

Looking around the market, Juniper  realised all the businesses in the same space had the same coloured logos, making differentiation harder. So it went from blue, grey and white coloured branding, to green. It also changed the tagline to ‘Engineering Simplicity’, which Juniper has since found has a 37 per cent brand recall.

“We ended changing the look and feel of everything we do, but it didn’t start out that way. We did some research online, both qualitative and quantitative, and ended up changing the primary colour the company is associated with,” he said.

“The scientific study of our primary six to eight competitors showed how they were all really centred around a narrow colour palate. We decided we could break out of the pack by leveraging a different colour palate. Now Juniper looks quite different.  

What would you do regarding a potential house move?

Hi, the house we live in at the moment is semi detached with 3 bedrooms. We have done a lot of work to this house and there is still a bit more to do.

You've got some good replies which I agree with.

So let me be "devils advocate" to help you make up your mind.

How safe is your job?