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Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - Official Trailer

In theaters July 2nd, 2008 In the first feature film based on the hugely popular American Girl® book series, Oscar® nominee Abigail Breslin ...

Foreclosure auction scheduled for Yankee Candle office, warehouse in South Deerfield

The office complex and distribution center of Yankee Candle Co. in South Deerfield is scheduled to soon be up for auction. 

A foreclosure auction for the candlemaker's 256,340-square-foot warehouse and 81,138-square-foot office building located on Yankee Candle Way has been scheduled, The Recorder  reports. 

Yankee Candle Co. is a tenant paying rent for both buildings. 

The mortgage on property is held by Yankee Candle Way LLC, the  Recorder  reports. An attorney for the limited liability corporation declined to comment to the Franklin County publication regarding if the property is in default of payments. 

James, Perley, chief operating officer for Yankee Candle, said the auction is "the result of a dispute between the property owner and its lender. It does not involve Yankee Candle. We fully expect to continue to operate in these buildings and have long term leases on both properties."

He added, "It continues to be business as usual for Yankee Candle in South Deerfield.

San Diegans travel to see total solar eclipse

SAN DIEGO -- Hundreds of Californians are heading out of state to get the total view of Monday's much-anticipated solar eclipse.

A number of people are headed to see the grand spectacle in Oregon and Idaho, the two states closest to California that the eclipse will pass directly over.

FOX 5 spoke with several travelers at Lindbergh Field Friday who said they are headed to Madras, Oregon.

“I’ve only seen pictures. I’ve seen videos. Now I’m actually at totality look at it with my own eyes. That’s what’s going to be exciting for me,” Bob Barron told FOX 5 at Lindbergh Field.

Barron said he is going to pick up his grandchildren before making the trip.

“My grandbabies are only 10 and eight and so it's, historic for them and probably the last time I’ll ever get a chance to do it in my life, so it’s historic for me, too,” Barron said.

His bags are packed and he is ready to go with the necessary equipment.

“Camera and then we got telescopes and glasses and filters," he said. "We're prepared for this."

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