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Where Chicago students travel the farthest to school, questions about why residents dodge neighborhood campuses

In the past four years, the region has lost at least 2,600 district students – or 10 percent of its student population compared with a 6 percent drop citywide. The region had more than 4,200 unfilled, top-rated elementary school seats, but there are only about 450 unfilled Level 1 high school seats.

Of the four high schools in the area with neighborhood attendance boundaries, only Chicago Vocational is in good standing, according to the district’s school rating system. The other three neighborhood schools, including Harlan Community Academy High School and Hirsch Metropolitan High School, all suffer from low ratings and dwindling enrollment.

Meanwhile, the only schools in good standing or building enrollment are charter schools like Gary Comer College Prep with the Noble Network, or South Shore High School, a district-run selective enrollment school, and all draw attendance from across the city. Some attendees accused the schools of siphoning students from neighborhood schools with attendance boundaries.

Pennsylvania man headed to prison after fraud-funded life of luxury

Federal authorities describe Park Avenue's operator, Richard C. Roney Jr. of Laurel Springs, as both a victim and a culprit.

According to the indictment, Barnard "misled Roney about the financial heath of CFMC … and promised Roney vast profits that never materialized."

It alleged Roney did not know Barnard's former title firm, Atlantic Closing Services, “had an escrow shortage of more than $4 million, approximately 17 first mortgages it had failed to repay and virtually no money in its bank accounts.”

It said Barnard used Park Avenue’s funds to satisfy his former firm's debts and diverted more than $1 million for his own expenses.

But Roney also was accused of siphoning funds from Park Avenue's escrow accounts between June 2009 and April 2013, causing losses to lenders of more than $750,000.

Both he and Fili, Barnard's former partner, await sentencing after pleading guilty to wire fraud charges.

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