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AI Foundry Unveils Next-Generation AI Platform and Mortgage Automation Solution

AI Foundry , an artificial intelligence (AI) platform company, announced the launch of its next-generation Cognitive Business Automation Platform along with a new Agile Mortgages solution. This patent-pending technology incorporates the latest in AI, machine learning and machine vision to deliver a higher level of problem solving and decision making for enterprises. The new Agile Mortgages solution, which is built on top of the platform, automates manual, labor-intensive mortgage processes, enabling lenders to dramatically accelerate the lending lifecycle.

AI Foundry’s vision is to enable lenders to provide a much faster pre-approval and underwriting approval process for their customers. This Agile Mortgages solution will allow the mortgage industry to use AI to replace multi-week manual processes so that mortgages can now be processed from “application to underwriting” in days, not weeks. For lenders, this unleashes powerful new capabilities to enhance the customer experience while reducing the cost of mortgage processing. For home buyers, these capabilities accelerate the home loan process and provide the digital experience that today’s consumer demands.

What are the risks associated with a mortgage from an online company with low rates (ING, Lending Tree)?

Can anyone explain the risks of getting a mortgage with ING Direct as opposed to a bank (Bank of America)? Are the risks more long-term? What's the worst case scenario? Thanks.

I think the risks are short term. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done to complete a loan.