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Arcadia Brewing's 2016 back taxes paid, but company still could face mortgage foreclosure

In a statement sent to MLive Wednesday, March 27, Suprise said he could not disclose further details until the final stage of the process was complete.

“Our Team at Arcadia is grateful for the opportunity to continue our journey that started 23 years ago in striving to make great beer, food and to provide great service as we work collaboratively with our bank to engage and partner with an investor that will help Arcadia and the community realize our fullest potential here at our Riverfront Brewery, Pub and Beer Garden,” Suprise said in the statement.

Michigan’s General Property Tax Act lays out the legal process for seizing property with unpaid taxes more than a year delinquent. This process resulted in Arcadia Brewing being placed on the Kalamazoo County list for tax foreclosure in March 2018. A fee of 1.5 percent per month was assessed starting in the second year of delinquency.

SW Michigan Today: Monday, April 1

)  A lawsuit that alleges that former governor Rick Snyder knew about and ignored the Flint water crisis for months is going forward. The Detroit News reports that a U.S. District court judge ruled on Monday that the class-action suit brought by Flint residents can continue. The plaintiffs claim that they suffered personal injury and property damage while Flint’s water was tainted with lead and other contaminants. They say Snyder knew about the dangers of drinking water from the Flint River months before the state warned Flint residents. The court threw out the lawsuit’s claims against some other state officials. But it allowed claims against a former state treasurer and two former Flint emergency managers.

( CBS News ) The Kellogg Company is selling a handful of its snack food brands. CBS News reports that Italy-based Ferrero, which Americans know best as the maker of chocolate spread Nutella, is buying Keebler and Famous Amos and other product lines for $1.3 billion. The sale will increase Ferrero’s presence in the U.S. as the company takes over manufacturing plants in four states.

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