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Swipe right on digital mortgages, according to Bank of America consumers

More U.S. consumers are comfortable with the idea of applying for a mortgage online than they are with the idea of online dating.

That’s the headline-friendly conclusion from Bank of America’s recent Homebuyers Report , which surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults who currently own a home or plan to in the future during January and February. It came up with a finding that 32% of people polled were OK with doing mortgage business on their mobile devices compared to only 20% who were happy swiping left or right in search of love.

The report finds that nearly all U.S.first time buyers reckon that tech is now enabling every stage of the home purchasing process from researching (98%), getting a mortgage (94%), and negotiating and buying (92%).

The reason for BoA highlighting all this is is its launch of the Digital Mortgage Experience to guide clients through the mortgage process via its mobile app or website. Auto-populated features mean clients can, theoretically, receive conditional approvals on the same day.

Is the housing market collapsing in the US?

Seems to be quite a bit about american sub-prime mortgage problems and US housing market over-supply in the specialist newspapers/magazines over here in the UK. Any views from the states?

i think my house is collapsing .

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