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Knowles: Southland group assists struggling homeowners

Funding for the program comes from a $1.42 million settlement the center received several years ago from Wells Fargo . The complaint alleged discrimination by the lender in the maintenance of bank-owned foreclosed homes in African-American and Hispanic communities.

Homeowners in need of assistance from the program must schedule an appointment with the center and go through an intake process to determine if they are eligible. Sanders said if homeowners aren’t eligible for this program, there may be other options for help. He advises those who are behind on their mortgage or at risk of falling behind to contact housing counseling agencies that are certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for assistance.

“It’s better to have the conversation sooner rather than later,” he said.

That advice also can apply to homeowners who aren’t at risk of foreclosure but owe more than their homes are worth.

The federal Home Affordable Refinance Program known as HARP is set to expire at the end of the year.

Time to clean house at Wells Fargo

Earlier this month, Wells Fargo, the third-largest bank in the United States, acknowledged that it improperly foreclosed on 545 distressed homeowners after they asked for help with their mortgages.

The bank has exhibited a seemingly established pattern of negative behavior, from creating 3.5 million fake accounts to charging 570,000 customers for auto insurance they did not need to illegally repossessing vehicles from hundreds of service members.

At the start of the year, Wells ranked 26 on the Fortune 500’s 2018 rankings of the largest U.S. corporations by total revenue. It is also the second-largest retail mortgage lender and the largest debit card issuer by purchase and transaction volume.

These facts establish the bank as a systemically important financial institution. My firm’s economic models suggest that the next recession may very well start with a major hack at a SIFI like Wells Fargo. This underscores the importance of stemming the ongoing problems at Wells as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Is the housing market collapsing in the US?

Seems to be quite a bit about american sub-prime mortgage problems and US housing market over-supply in the specialist newspapers/magazines over here in the UK. Any views from the states?

i think my house is collapsing .

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