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Recovering from Hurricane Maria Requires an Extensive Federal Response

The American territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands weathered two devastating storms and are still struggling through the earliest stages of recovery. Category 5 Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean on September 6, and two short weeks later, Hurricane Maria made a direct hit on Puerto Rico with sustained winds of 155 mph and belted the Virgin Islands with 185-mph  winds. Yet more than a month after being hit hard by Hurricane Irma and three weeks after taking the brunt of Hurricane Maria, 36 percent of Puerto Ricans do not have access to clean water; nearly 90 percent of the island’s residents are without access to electricity; and those located inland remain cut off from supplies. The situation in the Virgin Islands is relatively unknown, although social media and local blogs are attempting to update residents on recovery efforts.

Both of these American territories have been devastated by the recent storms and require rapid and comprehensive recovery assistance from the federal government. But given the limited information coming from the Virgin Islands, this column focuses primarily on relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Many of the recommendations explored in this report, however, could be applied to both territories.

Is the housing market collapsing in the US?

Seems to be quite a bit about american sub-prime mortgage problems and US housing market over-supply in the specialist newspapers/magazines over here in the UK. Any views from the states?

i think my house is collapsing .

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