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Movers & Shakers: Nov. 22

David Nagelhout of Harrisburg, South Dakota State University class of ‘79, was among those named Distinguished Alumni and among the first honored in the recently completed Woster Celebration Hall within the SDSU Alumni Center. Nagelhout, president of the North Central Heart Institute, Sioux Falls, was a founder of Avera Heart Hospital, Sioux Falls. He is an immediate past S.D. governor of the American College of Cardiology and has undertaken significant research in addition to being a practicing cardiologist.

•In addition, as part of its efforts to address rural health care, SDSU’s College of Nursing has received a two-year grant for more than $1.3 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Inanovate Inc., a medical technology company, has earned a $2.3 million grant and named Sioux Falls its headquarters.

10 Thanksgiving ETFs to Stuff Your Portfolio | InvestorPlace

) Is an interesting fund that tracks the ISE High Income Index. The index tracks 30 closed-end funds in the U.S. market offering higher yields that are trading at a discount with the addition of ample liquidity to control market volatility risks.

I’ve always been a fan of closed-end funds. The structure of these is that they come to the listed market much like a regular company with an IPO for a set amount of capital. Then management invests in stocks, bonds and other assets per their focus.

The advantage is that management doesn’t have to worry about inflows and outflows – so that they can focus on the best investments without diluting existing shareholders during favorable inflows like an open-ended mutual fund. And management doesn’t have to worry about selling at the wrong times to deal with redemptions.

This means that they can focus on returns. And the collection of closed-end funds inside the tracking index is focused on income. With 74% in funds in bonds and 26% in income-producing stocks, the YieldShares High-Income fund provides plenty of current income along with some appreciation along the way.

Is the housing market collapsing in the US?

Seems to be quite a bit about american sub-prime mortgage problems and US housing market over-supply in the specialist newspapers/magazines over here in the UK. Any views from the states?

i think my house is collapsing .

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