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Can state AGs really serve as 'mini-CFPBs'?

Meanwhile, with the CFPB actually accelerating enforcement actions of late, some argue that the void left for states to fill may not be that big. Indeed, many observers say not much has changed in how states and the CFPB investigate financial firms for potential wrongdoing.

The creation of mini-CFPBs "hasn't been as necessary as some would have thought," said Richard Gottlieb, a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.

The AGs sent Mulvaney a letter in December warning the Trump administration appointee that they stood ready to ramp up efforts if the CFPB let down its guard.

"If incoming CFPB leadership prevents the agency's professional staff from aggressively pursuing consumer abuse and financial misconduct, we will redouble our efforts at the state level to root out such misconduct and hold those responsible to account," they said.

In the time since, the agency has certainly shown signs of a less aggressive approach. After Mulvaney decried the agency's enforcement apparatus as overaggressive, it took months before the agency revived public actions against companies. But since mid-June, enforcement actions have accelerated .

Meet Ada, the multilingual 'doctor' in your pocket created by former Houston student

“Feeling unwell?” asks Ada.

She exudes a confident bedside manner, assuring you “I get smarter the more you tell me, so I’m going to ask a few questions that will help me help you.”

And in a few minutes, after she is satisfied with the answers you provided about your health concerns, Ada delivers the most probable diagnosis from your symptoms, adding a couple of secondary potential ones. She also gives you recommendations on how to take care of the problem, and advises whether you need to see a medical specialist right away.

But she isn’t a doctor, but the closest thing to one that you can carry in your pocket. Ada is a multilingual artificial intelligence health application for smartphones, and was created by a former student of the University of Houston. And after helping millions of satisfied users in English and German languages, the highly intuitive application is now adding Spanish and Portuguese to its suite of languages, with an eye towards serving the vast market of Latinos in the U.S. and worldwide.

Is the housing market collapsing in the US?

Seems to be quite a bit about american sub-prime mortgage problems and US housing market over-supply in the specialist newspapers/magazines over here in the UK. Any views from the states?

i think my house is collapsing .

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