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How Serious Would a Criminal Indictment Against Goldman Sachs Be?‎

court deems its mortgage market shorting strategy as "material information" that investors should have been provided when Goldman sold ...

ACI Unveils Next Generation Sky Report Featuring Native App and Powerful Tools

New Product Features

Sky Inspect app allows users on a phone or tablet to collect property data, take and assign photos, complete a sketch, and immediately sync the inspection to Sky Report. The Sky Inspect app is available for iOS and Android devices. Subject Data “quick start” wizard automatically searches public records, FEMA and prior report data by simply entering an address. Sky then displays the results in an all-in-one view for users to validate and analyze. Comps Database allows users to search their property database or import search findings from their Multiple Listing System, apply search and filter parameters, assign comparable properties to the appraisal report, and populate the 1004 MC addendum. Batch Import allows users to upload prior reports to seed their Comps Database and/or order table.

ACI Worldwide Announces 2018 Innovation Award Winners, Recognizing Global Payments Innovation

This year’s winners include:

ABN AMRO— one of Europe’s largest banks, ABN AMRO implemented several innovative fraud detection and prevention solutions, reducing fraud losses by implementing "Fraud as a Service" and predicting upcoming fraudulent events using non-financial data. With the combination of these innovations, ABN AMRO can predict possible fraud activities before any fraud losses occur. DBS— As the largest bank in Southeast Asia, DBS has introduced a revolutionary payment framework underpinned by ACI’s UP Real Time Payments. Since the new platform went live three months ago, it has enabled industry firsts such as the successful launch of the Singapore Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST) payment gateway, as well as the WeChat Pay gateway, which enables customers outside of China the ability to bundle their DBS credit cards with the WeChat Pay service.

What happens to the balance in debt forgiveness?

The situation is my mother-in-law has a house that she owns. She took out a loan and a mortgage on the house for repairs. Those were consolidated by Citi Financial.

She could very well end up with a 1099-C taxable income amount for the tax year to be reported on her 1040 income tax return for the tax year.