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How Serious Would a Criminal Indictment Against Goldman Sachs Be?‎

court deems its mortgage market shorting strategy as "material information" that investors should have been provided when Goldman sold ...

First American Mortgage Solutions Introduces “Smart” Valuations to Transform Appraisal Process

Streamlining the appraisal process further demonstrates First American’s ongoing commitment to improve the lender and consumer experience. A leader in analytics and data-driven processes and tools, First American has invested heavily in developing a valuation solution that will help facilitate a faster closing. Leveraging its enterprise-wide assets and technological expertise, the company has developed a collaborative process fueled by data and analytics that connects a mobile workforce with cloud-based technology to drive speed, cost reduction and quality.

“Moving from loan application to close faster is a long-awaited evolution being fueled by access to better data and technology, which allows us to rethink traditional workflows and processes,” said Kevin Wall, president of First American Mortgage Solutions. “This has been a major aspiration for us, along with the entire mortgage industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of game-changing progress.

FCT to Streamline Appraisal Delivery and Review by Connecting ...

Oakville, ON, July 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

FCT, a leading provider of title insurance, default solutions and other real-estate-related products, announced today that it will integrate appraisal delivery and review services with the eServices plug-in from ACI, a leading innovator in valuation technology for the mortgage industry. The eServices plug-in is a component within ACI’s Canadian Residential Appraisal Library (CRAL) and will streamline the overall appraisal delivery and review process by identifying whether or not appraisal reports meet the minimum requirements of FCT’s customized rule set prior to report delivery.


The eServices plug-in will allow appraisers to review their reports for correctness, completeness and compliance using over 400 custom review rules prior to delivery to FCT. Because the quality control check is performed on the front-end, CRAL appraisers can expect improved appraisal quality and fewer revision requests overall.

What happens to the balance in debt forgiveness?

The situation is my mother-in-law has a house that she owns. She took out a loan and a mortgage on the house for repairs. Those were consolidated by Citi Financial.

She could very well end up with a 1099-C taxable income amount for the tax year to be reported on her 1040 income tax return for the tax year.