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Venezuelan opposition leader's wife key to his success abroad

This month she traveled to Peru and Chile, where she met with the presidents of both countries and spoke in universities about Venezuela's humanitarian crisis. On Wednesday, Ms. Rosales heads to the White House, where she will meet with Vice President Mike Pence, as the U.S. ratchets up sanctions on the Maduro administration.

Ms. Rosales met her husband at a youth rally for Voluntad Popular, an opposition party she has worked with since her university years. She has become a household name in Venezuela in recent months, standing at her husband's side in rallies attended by thousands. Recently, she has also taken on the role of international ambassador for Venezuela's opposition, as her husband becomes bogged down in domestic affairs.

Venezuela's first lady in waiting has helped her husband look more presidential, says Dimitris Pantoulas, a Caracas-based political analyst.

"She is a professional, young, educated woman, and to a certain extent she is conservative," Mr. Pantoulas said. "That image corresponds to [Venezuelan] stereotypes of what a presidential couple should look like, especially for those in the middle classes.

Anyone ever worked with America Home Key, Inc?

Anyone know of this company; reputation, etc.??

Yes. I have been here for a year and a half. I was VP and Pres of another company before looking at many different options and choosing AHK. It was not my only offer. There are many branches so there are different personalities.