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Uncle's Hawaiian Grindz chef wins food fight in HdG

The chefs worked with the five secret ingredients of chicken thighs, rhubarb, expresso, okra and gochujang along with a pantry of a variety of items to create an appetizer and main course in just 60 minutes.

"Seeing first-hand the culinary genius and artistry our local chefs have is a joyous gift," Mignion Faretta-Cotton, one of the judges, said.

Eleven year old Antonio Fuggitti, who was a judge for the third time, said the food was "fantastic" and he liked how even though Chef Travis didn't know what he was going to cook, he seemed not to be worried about it.

Because of the generosity of sponsors and donors, AAUW will be able to fund several scholarships for women. They are grateful for the support of Amrein Foods, O'Neill Enterprises, Shaffer, McLauchlin & Stover, Madaco Marketing - home of Coffee News, the DiBerardino Family, Genevieve DiGiovanni, Bernadette Low, Coffee Coffee, Flavor Cupcakery and Bake Shop, Aruba, Mignon Faretta–Cotton, Maryland Mutual Mortgage LLC and Wegman's.

EU protects Ireland from UK domination

IF one reviews European history over the period since the Reformation 500 years ago, the role England has sought to play in Europe has been that of holding the balance between contending powers.

It used its naval strength, and the overseas colonies its naval strength allowed it to hold, to exercise that balancing European role.

At no time in the last 500 years did the UK seem to disengage from, or turn its back upon, continental Europe. Indeed, England felt it so much a part of continental Europe that Henry VIII actually contemplated being a candidate for Holy Roman Emperor.

England sought to be sufficiently involved in Europe to exercise its balancing role effectively, but without being so intimately enmeshed in continental issues that it lost its freedom of action. England’s extension of its power to Ireland and Scotland were contributions to its goal of defence against, and influence over, continental Europe.

That same motivation lay behind the decisions the UK took to go to war in August 1914 and September 1939 that of maintaining a balance in Europe.

where do i report a business who calls an employee at work?

Aegis Mortgage keeps calling one of our employees while he is here at work. He is unable to accept the call while he is here, but they continue to call.

that is harrassment...