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Iran's Extended Ballistic Missile Range Is A Shot Across The Bow To The US Navy

Of course, it’s not as though the Navy is unprepared. An August 2018 Congressional Research Service report noted that vessels outfitted with interceptors under the Aegis ballistic missile defense program are explicitly postured to defend against Iranian attacks, regardless of their actual area of operations.

“Under the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) for European BMD operations, BMD capable Aegis ships are operating in European waters to defend Europe from potential ballistic missile attacks from countries such as Iran,” the CRS report said. “BMD-capable Aegis ships also operate in the Western Pacific and the Persian Gulf to provide regional defense against potential ballistic missile attacks from countries such as North Korea and Iran.”

“Our forces are more than capable of defending themselves should the need arise,” Frey told T&P. “As a matter of policy, we do not discuss our offensive and defensive capabilities.

Iran's Missiles Are a Clear Threat. Here's How America's Allies Are Responding.

U.S.-Iran relations recently became more strained.

On October 3, the Trump administration  withdrew  from the sixty-three-year-old “Treaty of Amity” with Iran following an International Court of Justice  ruling  that recent U.S. sanctions violated the accord.

The move follows recent verbal sparring during the UN General Assembly where Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  accused President Trump of having a “Nazi disposition” with his “America-first” worldview. Worried by increasingly polemical U.S.-Iran rhetoric, a bipartisan cohort of former politicians, intelligence officials and army officers penned a statement  supporting  a more balanced approach to Iran, one “which combines pressure and diplomacy.”

The recent increase in diplomatic jockeying between the United States and Iran may counterintuitively alleviate some consternation in the Gulf region, where despite the joint nuclear deal, Iran still exerted regional influence to wage proxy wars in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

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