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Mortgage industry under fire again ... from younger buyers

This shift may be more generational than anything else. Lenders are dealing more with millennials now, who are finally entering the housing market and who demand and expect transparency, expertise and, surprisingly, personal interaction.

"Everyone thinks that about millennials, that they're all tech all the time, but the truth is their heavy online reliance is research-based, but they're also using in-person and calling channels more often than not for mortgage originations. They are oriented toward that expert and advisory piece," said Craig Martin, senior director, mortgage practice at J.D. Power.

That appears to be why Quicken Loans has ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction four years in a row and tops the list now. Perception is that the online lender is a technology company, but Martin points to a very customer-oriented model. Customers can't walk into a Quicken, but they seem to like the service they get both online and on the phone.


eCU Mortgage names Candace Jones to key Business Development Position

HOUSTON, TX (July 17, 2017) — eCU Mortgage , the CUSO mortgage company that serves credit unions throughout Texas, has named Candace Jones, a nearly 25-year veteran of the mortgage and real estate industry, its Director of Business Development.

Jones’ role for eCU Mortgage is to drive further expansion and business growth for the mortgage solutions company, which helps credit unions provide streamlined, personalized service to their loan-seeking members. She will work one-on-one with credit unions throughout the region to help them take advantage of eCU Mortgage services.

Jones comes to eCU Mortgage after six years at Churchill Mortgage, and before that she worked for Envoy Mortgage and Wells Fargo Mortgage. She excelled at building these companies’ businesses through branch expansion and the training of loan officers.

“We have some outstanding mortgage origination services, including third party origination, that we can offer to credit unions in Texas, as well as VA, FHA, and USDA loan services for credit unions nationwide,” said Jackie Adams, Vice President of eCU Mortgage. “With Candace Jones on board, we can help make credit unions more aware of these services and continue to build our client base.”

How to find a best mortgage lenders, in terms of rate, fee and service?

I am a first time home buyer. I am seeing lot of adv of mortgage lenders in How do I know those companys are good in terms of rate, fee and service? Is there any review sites?

check online...easiest way to go...