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As-a-Service: Your fast pass to digital mortgage

We assert that the institutions that stake their claim first in the mind of the consumer will have first mover advantage in the new mortgage market. Digital lending is the new requirement, but there’s a fast pass available to lenders who want to get there now.

The valuable benefits of making the digital transformation

Accenture research indicates 87% of consumers begin their home buying experience online and expect their lender to deliver on digital expectations seen across other areas of their consumers lives. With companies like Uber, Spotify, NETFLIX and Amazon setting the standard for the customer’s online experience, lenders are driven to meet that standard.

Lenders also benefit from the transformation because digital will finally put cross-sell objectives within reach. Most banks achieve only 10-20% cross sell of a mortgage product to their retail bank customer base. A digital process gives lenders access to first- and third-party data that will make prospecting and cross selling easier.

Kevin Costner-backed mortgage startup Lender Price names new CEO

According to Costner, bringing Halbrook into the fold allows the company to continue growing.

“Adding a CEO of Jerry Halbrook’s caliber validates the Lender Price vision and strategy for mortgage lending transformation through a technologically superior digital POS and PPE platform that offers unprecedented business analytics,” Costner said.

“The mortgage industry is eager to embrace the promise of digital disruption, and Lender Price is strategically positioned to fulfill on that promise,” Costner added. “For an investor like me that wants to be in on the early stages of a business poised to transform an industry that is critical to the US economy and touches the lives and financial aspirations of millions of citizens, Lender Price is ideally positioned with a proven product, seasoned leadership and unparalleled marketing acumen.”

Halbrook takes over for Dawar Alimi, the company’s co-founder. With Halbrook coming on board, Alimi will shift and become the company’s president and chief information officer.

How to find a best mortgage lenders, in terms of rate, fee and service?

I am a first time home buyer. I am seeing lot of adv of mortgage lenders in How do I know those companys are good in terms of rate, fee and service? Is there any review sites?

check online...easiest way to go...

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