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- Startups - Rob Hayes of First Round Capital - TWiST #249

1:00-2:15 Welcome everyone, with me today is Rob Hayes of First Round Capital. 2:15-4:00 Thank you to eMinutes for sponsoring the show. If you&#39 ...

Layoffs, reorganization for First Capital

Mr. Singal acquired the REIT, First Capital Real Estate Trust Inc., which was formerly named United Realty Capital Trust Inc., in 2015. The company's prior owner and CEO, Jacob Frydman, sold the company to First Capital Real Estate Investments.

It's been an uphill battle ever since, Mr. Singal said. "We have been cleaning up legacy issues," he said.

The REIT, First Capital Real Estate Trust, in November was having problems paying its employees on time . And the REIT has not has not issued a financial statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission since June 2015, drawing criticism from at least one observer.

"It's not reasonable for a public company to go so long without financial statements," said Kevin Gannon, president and managing director of Robert A. Stanger & Co. Inc . "It doesn't appear there's any corporate governance here. If there was there would be financial statements and responsibility and reporting.

Asian Bank AIIB Approves First Capital Investment

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