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Slice of Sarasota: Requiem for an unsustainable dream

The Florida House, all about the future, is showing its age.

When a place conceived to change a community's future becomes part of its past, the poignancy you feel when you visit is inescapable.

In 1994, the Florida House Learning Center was built to teach us all a lesson. Depending on whom you talked to, the lesson was that thanks to emerging technology like solar power and retro technology like cisterns, Sarasota County could create an infinite ability to absorb thousands of new residents like a not-yet-invented microfiber sponge.

Alternatively, the lesson was that our resources are fragile, that habitats must be preserved and that immutable realities like watersheds and water supplies are ignored at everyone's peril.

Florida House was designed and funded by a well-meaning coalition -- Sarasota loves its well-meaning coalitions -- of tree-huggers and builders who wanted folks to understand that they could have beautiful new homes that weren't such an ungodly drain on the planet. You could have metal roofs and solar panels, rain barrels and absorbent pavers that prevented dirty runoffs into the bay after every hard rain. You could have this in a cheerful, au courant, Florida Cracker-style package -- which in addition to turning on loads of charm and curb appeal, boasted generous porches with shady overhangs and traditional layouts that took advantage of Florida's sultry crossbreezes.

Shutdown nudges vulnerable closer to homelessness

WASHINGTON — Ramona Wormley-Mitsis got welcome news in December: After years of waiting, the federal government had approved a subsidy that allowed her to rent a three-bedroom house, bracketed by a white picket fence to keep her two autistic sons from bolting into traffic.

A few days later, the dream was deferred. The Department of Housing and Urban Development — one of the federal agencies hit hardest by the shutdown — would not be able to pay her new landlord until the government reopened.

“It is my dream home. It’s like my last stop; it’s like my last chance — you know?’’ said Wormley-Mitsis, 39, who lives in Fall River, and is staying with relatives until the check clears. “We drive by that house all the time. It’s torture. Waiting, waiting, waiting.’’

One month after the government shutdown began, its effects have begun to hurt some of the most vulnerable Americans: not just homeless people, but also those who are one crisis away from the streets. And nonprofit groups dedicated to helping low-income renters are already scrambling to survive without the lifeblood payments from HUD that began being cut off Jan. 1.

Is it fair dream acts students get billions brown to cut in-home services for the elderly and disabled?

Is it fair dream acts students get billions brown cuts services to cut in-home care giver services for the elderly and disabled, American citizens to fund $42 million DREAM Act ? Cut services to U.S.

Someone has to pay to give them college funds. Appears that they feel that our elderly and disabled should foot the bill. And the veterans who fought for our country, they can do without too.