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Albert Chavez of Summit Funding and Lori Mode of Keller Williams describe how you can create your dream home with an FHA rehab (203K) loan during ...

Local builders team up to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

"We knew St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was a charity we wanted to get behind, not only because of this opportunity. You know, we're fortunate enough to have healthy children, but we know people that have been affected by cancer," said Courtney Pitman, Jimmy's wife.

The Pitman and Magruder families hope the community will help with the project.

"Everybody's donating, everybody’s pitching in, and then we can build the house, and when it sells all of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to St. Jude, meaning that hopefully we're building the house for no cost," said Tyan Magruder with Magruder Custom Homes."

"About 70 percent of it so far has been donated through our suppliers and our trades and just the generous people in our community," said Jimmy Pitman.

The builders hope to have the house completed before the Spring Parade of Homes, at which point it will be available for the public to tour. By donating labor, materials, services and 100% of their profits, the Magruder and Pitman families plan to donate the home's sale price to St. Jude.

Maine Compass: A way to deliver more affordable housing

A recent proposal in Portland calls for a $7 million taxpayer-funded housing bond . But there is another, better way for government to help support and create affordable homeownership, without asking taxpayers for more money. Certainly ownership does not suit everyone. But this is the model we at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland use, with great success. Government could do it with significant results.

So, what is affordable housing?

The accepted definition of affordable rental housing is that a family spend no more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities, or in the case of ownership, on mortgage, insurance and property taxes.

At Habitat, we believe that homeownership should be attainable for any deserving family, and that our model could become the standard by which government can address this issue. Habitat is the largest builder in the world, and our newest funding option needs to be shared.

So let’s look at how government can truly advance more affordable homeownership.

Is it fair dream acts students get billions brown to cut in-home services for the elderly and disabled?

Is it fair dream acts students get billions brown cuts services to cut in-home care giver services for the elderly and disabled, American citizens to fund $42 million DREAM Act ? Cut services to U.S.

Someone has to pay to give them college funds. Appears that they feel that our elderly and disabled should foot the bill. And the veterans who fought for our country, they can do without too.