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MGMT- Custom rags to riches. Sorry I haven't been making as many videos lately !!

Fright Rags Kicks Off 2019 with ROBOCOP, TEEN WOLF, VAMPIRA and More!

Per Fright-Rags

Fright-Rags kicks off the new year with T-shirts, socks, enamel pins, and beanies from such beloved properties as RoboCop, Teen Wolf, Vampira, Trick 'r Treat, Halloween, and more.

Become part man, part machine with Fright-Rags' latest RoboCop apparel. It's your move, creep, to pick up two shirts and a pair of socks featuring the future of law enforcement. 

Sink your teeth into Fright-Rags' Teen Wolf custom-knit crew socks and four enamel pins, including one with dancing motion. They join a variety of shirt designs celebrating the 1985 comedy classic.

Tune in to Fright-Rags’s collection dedicated to television’s first horror host, Vampira. Created and portrayed by Maila Nurmi, the campy character is featured on three new shirts.

Keep warm all winter long with Fright-Rags' knit beanies. There are seven designs featuring custom women patches from Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, Predator, Trick 'r Treat, and Krampus.

South Korea turning away from dog meat trade

Tori, a five-year-old black mongrel with an expressive, happy face, has enjoyed a rags-to-riches change of fortune.

He suffered years of abuse from his former owner before he was rescued by a South Korean animal rights group. After two more years living in a shelter, the mutt became South Korea’s First Dog in June 2017.

Tori was taken in by the newly elected President Moon Jae-in. Adopting a dog had been one of Moon’s campaign promises, aimed at raising awareness of abandoned dogs and animal rights.

The dog now enjoys the manicured gardens of the Presidential Blue House where he’s since been joined by two Korean hunting dogs,  a gift to Moon from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un .

Tori’s story is emblematic of a shift in attitudes across South Korean society as dogs go from the dinner table to treasured companions.

Changing industry

For decades, South Korea has faced criticism over its treatment of animals and the country’s ongoing custom of consuming dog meat.

Are there sites online where you can create your own custom do-rags and have them shipped to you?

Let's ignore the other idiot "so called" business proposals.

I googled for "custom do rags" and found this: