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MGMT- Custom rags to riches. Sorry I haven't been making as many videos lately !!

Bootheel 7 Livestock wins for 2nd year in a row

Billings, MT–The eleventh annual Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at kicked off the official start of the NILE Stock Show & Rodeo.

The team from Lusk, Wyoming won it again. Bootheel 7 Livestock took home the championship title for the second year in a row. Andrew Wasserburger, Eric Wasserburger, Lance Hladky, and Lane Hageman consistently scored high in each of the events.

Lance Hladky rode for 76 points that earned them third place in the Ranch Bronc Riding. They loaded their three cows the fastest in the Team Trailering earning them first place in that event. In their strongest event, Bootheel 7, won the Team Branding with a time of 37.5 seconds–a ten second margin on all the other teams. They came up second in Team Doctoring, just barely winning first. Luckily, they had a good lead going into Wild Cow Milking because they placed eighth. Overall the team had 40 points to take home the trophy.

Guitar Talk: Todd Albright's Raucous 12-String Fingerstyle Blues


You prefer glass slides.

I’ve used all of the different kinds of slides—brass, old sockets, pocketknives—over the years, but the thickness of the glass plays a huge part of it. A thin glass gives you a thinner tone, which some people like, but a thicker glass slide give you a thicker tone and I think it works well with the 12-string. When I played 6-string, I preferred brass slides on my Oscar Schmidt Stella.

My slides are made by a guy in Oxnard, California named Roger Gohl. He doesn’t have a website or anything, he’s just a guy who makes these out of old wine bottles and sells them under the name Sly Devil Slides.

I also do a lot of dampening with my left hand when I play slide. It’ll be really noisy if you don’t drag your fingers behind the slide, unless that’s what you’re going for. If you’re doing Kokomo Arnold type songs, you don’t want to dampen the strings, but if you want a sound with a little more finesse in it, like Blind Willie McTell, you need to selectively dampen the strings as you go.

Are there sites online where you can create your own custom do-rags and have them shipped to you?

Let's ignore the other idiot "so called" business proposals.

I googled for "custom do rags" and found this: