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Minneapolis Final Four Craft Brewery Tour Guide

In last month’s Final Four guide , we told you about the humble, hardscrabble beginnings of the first two Final Fours hosted in Minneapolis. Back in 1951 there were 6000 seats available on game day at Williams Arena and you could snag a ticket for $2.40. By 1992, fans were welcomed to the Twin Cities with snow flurries and Metro Transit buses to get them downtown.  Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press warned visitors to prepare for the cold with a survival kit consisting of a blanket, tea bag, matches, candle, tin cup and two sticks of dynamite. Ha!  

And the 1992 festivities? They must have seemed exceedingly dull for the thousands of fans converging from Duke, Michigan State, Indiana and Cincinnati. Unlike the glitz of our recent Super Bowl, the headlining entertainment included Jeff Cesario and the music of the Magnolias.

Mattress sale a dream for School Music Association

Joanne Taylor couldn’t help but show her excitement during Saturday’s Johnston School Music Association’s Mattress Sale fundraiser.

Taylor – a representative of Custom Fundraising Solutions, or CFS, which offers discounts on name-brand mattresses – raised her arms in jubilation as Scituate resident Julie Georgio signed paperwork on another sale.

The event resulted in a total of 16 mattress sales, according to Johnston High School music department chairman Ron Lamoureux – an increase from the previous two installments of as become an annual event.

“We’re hoping that as we continue with our annual event, people will keep us in mind when they have to purchase a mattress or bedding,” Lamoureux said.

The department chair also spoke of the importance of the mattress sale.

“The fundraisers we’ve done to this point are all geared to individual kids,” he said. “Many people don’t realize when they are purchasing from our kids, any profit is going directly to that individual. [High school music teacher] Matt Gingras and I, along with the JSMA, have individual accounts for every single kid in the program … those dollars follow the individual student for as long as they are in our ensemble. We have had older siblings leave any left over funds for young students in the past.”

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