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MGMT- Custom rags to riches. Sorry I haven't been making as many videos lately !!

'Culture of empowerment': Kent Lammers takes leadership role at Polo Custom Products

Kent Lammers has one of those rags-to-riches career stories that encourages every teenage entrepreneur to work hard.

He began working at Wood Valley Racquet Club in Topeka as a teenager. While there, he was asked to do an inventory of the pro shop, and being a detail-oriented 16-year-old, he used graph paper, in the pre-digital era, to create an over-the-top neat and useful list. The manager was so impressed that he mentioned Lammers' talents to Kent Garlinghouse, who had purchased Wood Valley and was heading up what was then M-C Industries, now Polo Custom Products.

Lammers ended up working two jobs — one at each of Garlinghouse's businesses.

In February, Lammers took over as president and CEO of Polo Custom Products. In the past 34 years, he also served as president and CEO of Wood Valley, while still holding a job at Polo. In both jobs, Lammers said, he learned the value of servant leadership. Over the years, he has honed his skills, worked on letting go a little and relying on the team.

The crazy rich Asians of old Hong Kong – when a pink Rolls-Royce and a gold-studded toilet seat were fact, not fiction

, My generally well-disguised FOMO (fear of missing out) has encouraged yet another foray. But what were these types like in the past?

Then, as now, no shortage existed in a society so wholeheartedly dedicated to the osten­tatious pursuit and enjoyment of money. One key difference was that until the post-war Shanghainese influx, Hong Kong’s seriously rich local Chinese seldom displayed their wealth – or themselves. Personal safety was afforded by relative anonymity.

The crazy rich Asians of Hong Kong and what they spend big on

Brash Shanghai émigré types aside, full-on flamboyant display was, inevitably, the preserve of Hong Kong’s B-list moneyed. Comfortable levels of second- or third-generation rentier wealth, sourced from well-placed office buildings, or a family bank descended from an earlier pawnbroking business, typically provided the wherewithal. Some little-used, mostly British professional qualification – usually legal – padded out their personal details in the local society rags.

Are there sites online where you can create your own custom do-rags and have them shipped to you?

Let's ignore the other idiot "so called" business proposals.

I googled for "custom do rags" and found this: