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February 10th Update! 2 Processes began and Another Foreclosure stopped dead.

20120209-01 which are both Notary Presentments made to mortgage companies offering to deal with existing mortgages in two different ways. One ...

Trade war could delay yuan challenge to dollar's global role

The Chinese yuan has weakened rapidly in recent weeks, beset by U.S. President Donald Trump's threatened trade war. The currency hit a low of 6.69 to the dollar on July 3, from a recent high of 6.27 on April 14, and was trading at 6.61 on July 9, despite statements from central bank officials supporting a stable price.

The yuan's weakness has been compounded by concerns about a slowdown in China's economic growth and possible interest and reserve rate cuts. But the currency's vulnerability to external threats raises an issue of even greater long-term international importance -- its prospects of challenging the dollar as the world's principal reserve currency.

There is plenty of support within China for such a development. In remarks prepared for the Lujiazui Forum in Shanghai in mid-June, Chen Siqing, chairman of the Bank of China, signaled concern about the impact of the strong dollar on the economic fortunes of emerging markets. "Externally, the current emerging market turmoil has a lot to do with the strength of the U.S. dollar," he said, adding: "We need to accelerate the reform of the international governance system.

List of unit trusts in Kenya

Investing in money market fund in Kenya requires that you put your money in one of the best insurance or bank where you are assured of high interest rates. There are over 15 companies that offer money market fund investment option, which is under unit trusts. For those planning to join, you are advised to pick the best company to be assured of high unit trusts rates in Kenya.

Below are unit trusts and some of the useful information you can gather about them:

1. CIC Insurance Company

CIC is arguably one of the highly recommended money market fund in Kenya . It is a low risk fund which focuses on investing in diversified cash and interest bearing capital in the Kenyan market. This fund mainly invests in quality investments that bear interest, fixed deposits, and cash holdings at the Kenyan market.

This fund is for an entrepreneur who wants to keep their money safe at low risk and to bear interest at the same time.