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FEMA director criticizes people for not getting out of storm's way

Hurricane Michael barreled into the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday afternoon, bringing sustained winds of more than 150 miles per hour and deadly levels of flooding. 

Long said he was worried residents would be afflicted with “hurricane amnesia” while dealing with Hurricane Matthew’s destruction and forget how to prepare for the next storm.

“So how do we build a culture of preparedness?” Long asked. “FEMA tries to do it every year but a lot of people don’t pay attention to anything that we do or say when it is a blue sky day and nothing is happening.”

“People only focus the camera on us after big events like this,” he continued. “And that’s the frustrating part about being FEMA administrator.”

Long said Americans who live in areas vulnerable to natural disasters need to listen to government officials when evacuation orders are called.

He also, however, suggested that local officials failed to protect residents from the weather off the Gulf Coast.

Vail Valley locals rallying to help Beaver Bench fire victims; Salvation Army, Red Cross coordinating efforts

He was working around the house when someone banged on his front door.

"You gotta get out!" the firefighter told him.

He wondered why for a few seconds, grabbed his cellphone and keys and walked outside to discover the reason the firefighter was in such a hurry.

"I thought it would be minimal. It wasn't," Brenner said.

About that time, a firefighter punched out a window with an ax and smoke poured out of a neighboring unit.

He and the other fire victims literally escaped with the clothes on their backs and what they could grab. After the fire was out, they were escorted back in for a few moments to collect some essentials. For Brenner, that was a few T-shirts and some shorts.

Cooking fire possibly started it

An indoor cooking accident could have sparked it, but investigation continues as fire officials try to determine exactly how the fire started that gutted at least six condos in Avon's Beaver Bench condominiums.

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