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House hunters: Pharma pro lands his first bachelor pad

I had lived in the city for 10 years and my commute to the suburbs for work was getting longer and longer. I wanted to move closer to work to shorten that drive. I also knew the value I’d get for buying in the suburbs was much better than renting inside the city. My dad, who raised me to be financially focused, pushed me toward the financial benefits of buying over renting so that always stuck with me.

How did you find your place? What amenities or features sold you on it?

It was the first of eight properties I saw one day with my Realtor. This one stuck with me because it’s three years old and didn’t need much work, and it’s more space than I need. It’s half bachelor pad, half something I can grow into. I really cared about the price per square foot and the location, and it was the best fit for me of everything I saw. I wanted to live somewhere that had a downtown lifestyle in a suburban setting where you can walk to shops and bars. There’s a biking and running trail connected to our development, too.

June Undervalued Financial Stock Picks

The fortunes of financial services companies often follow that of the broader economy, since these businesses offer services ranging from investment banking to consumer financing, which are in demand during prosperous economic times. Recent undervalued financial companies based on their current market price include Blue Sky Alternative Investments and Mortgage Choice. There’s a few ways you can measure the value of a financial company – you can forecast how much money it will make in the future and base your valuation off of this, or you can look around at its peers of similar size and industry to roughly estimate what it should be worth. Below, I’ve created a list of companies that compare favourably in all criteria based on their most recent financial data, making them potentially good investments.

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited ( ASX:BLA )

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited is a private equity firm. Formed in 2006, and headed by CEO Kim Morison, the company size now stands at 116 people and with the stock’s market cap sitting at AUD A$173.66M, it comes under the small-cap category.

Just got DECLINED for an amex airmiles platinum card. AND a blue sky AMEX.?

So what happened was I applyed for an amex airmiles platinum card and got turned down. And their reason was my score is too low. I dont know how a score of 785 ( TransUnion) is low.

How on earth did you ever qualify for a $300,000 mortgage or a $33,000 car loan if you only make $45,000?