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The Haymarket's Salad Days

The Haymarket Theatre, true to drama, began from an ending.

Actor, producer and director Bev Appleton starred in the comedy “6 Rms Riv Vu,” the last full-length play staged at Westhaven Lodge Dinner Theatre. It was March 1974, and the theater, located off U.S. 360 east of Mechanicsville and next to a man-made lake, had operated for about two years in a former restaurant of the same name. When its next production, “The Girl in the Freudian Slip,” was set to open, the show wasn’t ready. With no entertainment for a benefit performance, Appleton and his accompanist came to the rescue. 

“I sang every song I knew until I was hoarse,” Appleton recalls. Later that year, he produced Elaine May’s 1969 one-act play “Adaptation” and “The Diary of Adam and Eve,” a segment of the Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick musical “The Apple Tree.” 

Then the stage went dark. Appleton, who had majored in finance at the University of Richmond, saw an opportunity. He figured, “I have just enough business acumen to do myself a lot of damage. Didn’t have a dime to my name in 1975. It was kind of crazy to open another theater — and in the middle of the gas crisis.

Securing your Digital Transformation Journey

First let’s consider the development lifecycle of software and technologies that are part of the digital transformation journey. ‘Bolting on’ security after the fact is too costly and quite frankly, largely ineffective. Rather, security needs to be built-in to the software development lifecycle.

It should form part of the ‘Feasibility Analysis’ phase where we ask the question whether the software or technology can be adequately secured. If the answer is yes, then we ensure the security requirements are gathered as part of the ‘Requirements Definition’ phase, and then implemented and tested in the ‘Build’ and ‘Test’ phases.  We take this embedded approach rather than trying to retrofit security. 

It’s also critical to ensure your developers are adequately educated in the security aspects of software development. Adopting a framework such as ISO or NIST standards, or the ISC2 guidelines is a good way to ensure that your software is developed securely and the Testing phase should pay special attention to security. It’s a good idea to test again before pushing the software live and at regular intervals to ensure new vulnerabilities have not been inadvertently introduced into the code as a result of updates or patches.  Developers are human after all. Simple things like hardcoded credentials, weak encryption and use of production data in testing can easily creep into the development lifecycle – these must be identified and addressed before the software or technology is released for general use.