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Learn what private mortgage insurance is and why you have to have it. Watch this short video to learn more. Presented by Craig Turner and Chris ...

Change Ups: AppleTree & Gilden Woods relocates HQ to larger facility

AppleTree & Gilden Woods Early Care and Preschools moved to an expanded headquarters in Grand Rapids at 555 Cascade W Pkwy. SE so that it can handle all its administrative duties associated with running 23 locations. The first AppleTree School opened Feb. 16, 1998. Since then, it has grown to 23 schools in the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Detroit areas. Two new schools are scheduled to open in 2018, including locations in Troy (October) and Commerce Township (September). The Gilden Woods brand was established in 2012.


Grand Rapids-based Concept Design Group and Ghafari Associates, a full-service engineering, architecture, process design, consulting, and construction services firm with 15 offices worldwide, announced the merger of the two firms. The merger will expand Ghafari’s Western Michigan presence, broaden Concept Design’s reach to international markets and provide enhanced services and resources to the clients of both firms.

Yard and Garden: Flowering Fruit Trees

My apple tree didn’t bloom this spring. Why?  

The lack of flowers on small, recently planted trees is usually due to their age. After planting, most dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees don’t flower and bear fruit for three to five years. Standard apple trees may not bear fruit for five to 10 years. Fruit trees have to grow and mature before they are capable of flowering and fruiting.

The lack of flowers on well-established trees may be due to the tendency of fruit trees to bear fruit in two year cycles, consisting of a large crop followed by a small crop. This is referred to as alternate or biennial bearing. Alternate bearing occurs in almost all tree fruits.  

The flowers that produce next year’s crop are initiated during the development of the current season’s crop. When a fruit tree is producing a large fruit crop, most of the tree’s energy is utilized for fruit development, little energy remains for flower initiation. As a result, a fruit tree often produces a small number of flowers and fruits when preceded by a heavy crop the previous year.