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You are being robbed before your very eyes! Do NOT allow this to happen anymore! 1. The government borrows money from the privately owned Federal ...

My in-laws co-signed on my mortgage—now my brother-in-law lives there at a discount

Dear Moneyist,

My husband has a very close relationship with his parents and they have been kind enough to help us over the years when financing our homes. They helped my husband purchase his first home in 1996, prior to our marriage. He made the down payment and all of the monthly payments while his mother signed on the loan with him.

In 2009, I purchased a home and my father-in-law signed on the loan so that I would qualify. We have always made the payments, property taxes and insurance. Now, many years later, his parents are in their golden years and I often wonder what will happen to our equity if something happens to them while they are still on the loans and deeds to these two homes.

My husband only has one brother and he is not financially stable and actually rents my husband’s first home. In 2009, we were financially stretched and managing two mortgages, a full-time job and two small children. It was very overwhelming, so my in-laws also offered to manage the first home for us.

How Brexit will happen, maybe

HOW BREXIT WILL HAPPEN, MAYBE — In hopes of reaching a deal by October on the terms of Britain’s departure from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May released her proposed plan on Thursday. But there are already some doubts that she will have the votes to get it through Parliament, let alone the EU. Former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith said he has “deep misgivings” about May’s white paper, and as many as 60 in her own party could vote against it.

President Donald Trump isn’t making things any easier for her. From The Sun’s exclusive interview with the president: “In an extraordinary intervention timed to coincide with his UK visit, Mr Trump said Theresa May ignored his advice by opting for a soft Brexit strategy. And he warned her any attempts to maintain close ties with the EU would make a lucrative US trade deal very unlikely. Mr Trump said: ‘If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal.’” Read more .

How can a poor young American be independent these days?

I mean we got a bad economy and prices are going high. I am a green card holder, has a useless AA degree and works in a store for years. What will I do if I lose my job? The mortgage alone, is not half paid.

What is your AA degree in?? If there are no jobs where you are, why aren't you going to the jobs??

I have an AA in information technology. I couldn't find a job where I was - Pacific Northwest. I went to where the jobs are - East Coast.