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Grand Opening of Asian American Family Service Center

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Hold Up, Not Everyone Wants a Robo Advisor (Ahem, Millionaires)

Is the world getting more automated and impersonal? I don’t know, ask Siri.

The insidious creep of technology has been accepted almost without question, including in our finances. I know the space all too well, as I build software for small and big companies alike.

Millions of Americans now use services that track their finances, give tax advice and handle their investments. Millennials might be buying into low-cost technology to manage their finances, but those with growing wealth are hesitant to give up the traditional "human touch" of complete and personalized financial services.

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The number of people who might fit that profile is growing by leaps and bounds. Millionaires are being minted at a rate never seen before in history. CNBC reported that in 2016 another 400,000 individuals crossed the million-dollar threshold. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, thousands of people are stumbling into fortunes and someone needs to manage their wealth. The question is: Who?

Movers & Shakers: Oct. 3

Annaleena Parhankangas has been named as the first-ever Milton Nies Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship. Parhankangas joins the economics department of South Dakota State University as a tenured associate professor of entrepreneurship. Most recently, she was a member of the entrepreneurship faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago, starting there in 2011. She has serves on several boards and has published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and a co-authored book with Routledge, as well as given many conference presentations throughout the world.

Daren Anderson , president of Big D Technology Solutions, Inc. and an active volunteer in Sioux Falls, has been named 2017 Distinguished Service Alumni for National American University-Sioux Falls in recognition of his professional accomplishments and for actively serving others in the university, workforce, community, and society. He was also recently featured in a new book, “The Innovators: National American University” and is an active volunteer in NAU’s alumni-student match program.

Do you think that financial freedom and time freedom? Do you believe you have a plan to get this in your life

It's a fact that the typical employee works more hours than they did 10 years ago. Commuting time has exponentially increased and most families have two parents working full time. Plus, taxes are just rising and cost of living (incl gas!) are skyrocketing.

Americans get into Debt-traps,because of high-pressure
salesmanship.Their needs increase,desire for comforts
increase and dreams for luxuries are created.