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New Homebuyers Face A Friendlier Housing Market, Thanks To Cooldown

Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, says that homeowners were profiting from the booming market. "But for the renters and first-time buyers who want to participate in the American dream of ownership, it has become much more difficult, with prices rising too fast," he says.

Now, though, things have started to shift.

It's not that houses are becoming more affordable. In fact, as mortgage rates are rising, it's getting even more expensive to buy a home. But those rising rates are having an impact. The runaway housing market is starting to hit the brakes.

Home sales have been decreasing across the U.S. for several months. You can call that trend a slump, or a correction, depending on how you feel about it.

But it's not a crash. And, if the economy remains strong, the slowdown might be an opportunity for first-time buyers who have been sidelined by the booming market.

That's what happened to Murawski, in Portland. This summer, she saw the intense competition for homes was starting to cool. Prices were still high, but she wasn't willing to wait any longer.

Protecting Your Biggest American Dreamers from the American Nightmare

. Since the first publication of the book in 1931, the term has since been used by American society to conjure images of job success and the classic American material possessions: the three-bedroom house, the white-picket fence and if everything goes well, two and a half kids and a Labrador. However, for earning an income in the top ¼ of the top 1 percent, the American Dream transforms into an entirely different lifestyle: a seven-figure income, a 6-bedroom house, kids in private school, luxury cars, and of course, a luxurious vacation home in a choice location. These are the Dreamers we focus our best resources to protect.

Now, take a moment to think of your highest earning clients. Maybe it’s a lawyer in Manhattan who after 10 years at the firm became a partner and his earnings increased to over $2 million. Or maybe it’s the CEO and owner of a highly successful business, or perhaps the CIO of a financial services firm. Regardless of the industry, consider this... for those Americans with the grit and tenacity to develop a seven-figure income, they often find themselves with an exposure to their future estate exceeding $15 million. To exemplify, if we were to look at a 50-year-old individual earning a million dollars with a time horizon of 15 years until retirement, a $15 million exposure to their estate exists in the event they suffer an accident or injury rendering them unable to work. For these Dreamers, implementing a sound income protection strategy should be the foundation of their financial plan when protecting their family’s future wealth. Not only does proper planning protect their 1 percent lifestyle, but it also protects a multi-million-dollar fortune. As an insurance advisor, I challenge you to think of another multi-million-dollar exposure that your client has that is largely uninsured.

Is the American Dream causes mortgage crisis? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?

I know there are various reasons that lead to the current mortgage crisis such as the banks, the loans, the economics, the government.

If the American dream is to do incredibly stupid things with your finances and credit, then you are probably right.

Banks and mortgage brokers were contributors, but in reality it was people's own greed and stupidity that was the main cause.

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