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Top 20 Percent Of Americans 'Hoard The American Dream' : NPR

I never thought I'd say this but I sort of miss the class consciousness of my old country which I grew up hating. The reason I miss it is because at least we're aware of it. It seems to me that in the U.S. you have a class system that operates every bit as ruthlessly as the British class system but under the veneer of classless meritocracy. There isn't even a self awareness.

On how the tax system helps richer people buy houses near the best schools

The tax incentives that are available to buy houses in the U.S. are necessarily tilted. ... Something like $70 billion go on mortgage interest deductions and the deductions for local property taxes. [I]t means that we're not increasing housing ownership in terms of the breadth; we're increasing it in terms of depth. We're actually encouraging people who already have a lot of wealth to just double down on that by buying an even bigger house [and then selling it for even more money later] — and you'll get an even bigger tax incentive for doing so. And so the entire cycle is almost designed to seal off the upper-middle class from everybody else.

What's your American Dream Score?

My dream score was 67, which means I have had just about as many factors working against me as for me. I’ve benefited from a strong social network, I grew up in a safe neighborhood, and I’m healthy. I had access to a good public college and to great mentors. I’ve also benefited from public services, including a mortgage interest tax deduction.

On the minus side, my single mother struggled to give us all we needed, and I entered the job market in an iffy economy.

Not bad. I haven’t been as lucky as those who scored 66 or lower, who had most factors working in their favor. But I’ve had more advantages than many others.

I invite you to take the quiz yourself to get a snapshot of how you got to where you are. My score made me grateful, reminding me of my lucky breaks. McKinnon hopes pondering our paths will also make us less inclined to look down on those for whom success is elusive.

“The American Dream has some positive aspects,” he said. “It can inspire hope, but it’s also a limiting belief.”

Is the American Dream causes mortgage crisis? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?

I know there are various reasons that lead to the current mortgage crisis such as the banks, the loans, the economics, the government.

If the American dream is to do incredibly stupid things with your finances and credit, then you are probably right.

Banks and mortgage brokers were contributors, but in reality it was people's own greed and stupidity that was the main cause.

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