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Which Founding Fathers made trips to what's now Pittsburgh?

On the original Independence Day in 1776, Pittsburgh wasn’t a city yet.

There had been a settlement here since the late 1750s, with most houses right outside the walls of Fort Pitt at the confluence. From there, it was fields and farm houses stretching east. Grant Street was a field with cows on it, and the Strip District was undeveloped land where people took their animals to graze, said Andy Masich, president and CEO of the Senator John Heinz History Center.

It wasn’t until 1817 that a sitting president would visit the area.

President James Monroe stopped in Pittsburgh during a 3.5-month-long trip across the country. Pittsburgh became a city the year before.

Just because Monroe was the first sitting president to visit doesn’t mean the Founding Fathers didn’t come to what’s now Pittsburgh. Well, some of them did.

“You won’t find John Adams or [Thomas] Jefferson coming here,” said Marilyn Holt, library services manager for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania department. She added that several of the Founding Fathers were Virginians more worried about their land than about coming to what’s now Western Pa.

Mortgage Tax revenue down for most towns in Erie County, but not Tonawanda

“Towns and villages should be prepared for this loss of revenue,” said Mychajliw, who met with Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns and town supervisors across the county to discuss the decline. “Some municipalities experienced a sharper decline than others. Supervisors across the county should be aware that the money generated through the Mortgage Tax declined for the first six months of the year. That could negatively impact budgets. The red hot housing market has added to a unique storm of higher interest rates and less inventory on the market.”

Mychajliw noted that while most municipalities saw a decline, some saw increases, which in Tonawanda’s case amounted to a roughly $220,000 bump for the past year.

Supervisor Joseph Emminger said Mortgage Tax revenue has been positive for the town for the past few years, and attributed the change to an influx of first-time home buyers looking for affordable housing stock, or looking to trade up.

“We have the type of homes that new home buyers and people looking [for], maybe to upgrade their homes, or move from other locations into the town for our services that we have that are considered better than some other communities,” he said. “The homes that go on the market sell very very quickly, and as we’ve seen the pricing, the prices throughout Western New York, particularly in Tonawanda, have increased significantly over the past four or five years.”

How can one mortgage holder "sometimes" charge a processing fee but the other can not?

Aside from language that may be in either mortgage contract, is there a recent law or Court decision that keeps this from being collected in Ohio? What is it?

I live in Ohio.