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Bank IPO market stays hot with two more filings

First Western Financial in Denver and Coastal Financial in Everett, Wash., have very little in common other than a need for more capital spurred by recent growth.

Each company plans to address those needs by going public.

The $992 million-asset First Western, which promotes itself as a boutique private bank for wealthy western entrepreneurs, is looking to raise $25 million from its proposed initial public offering, according to its prospectus.

Coastal, a traditional community bank with $831 million in assets in the Puget Sound region, is seeking $30 million in capital.

Coastal’s growth has been entirely organic. While it said in its prospectus that it would consider acquisitions, the parent of Coastal Community Bank will also look to add branches and hire bankers to add loans and deposits. Coastal has opened five branches since 2013.

First Western, in contrast, has been an active acquirer, buying assets, investment advisory firms and an insurance agency. The company, which has also opened several branches, plans to pursue acquisitions and organic growth with the capital it raises.

Consumers Shift From Banks To Direct Billing Services

Are consumers shifting the way they make direct payments to billers? A new report suggests so, but there remain questions about the effectiveness of direct billing plans.

The news peg? According to a new report from Aite , 73 percent of U.S. online bill payments made by consumers in 2016 were conducted via biller-direct sites — up from 62 percent in 2010. That growth came, in part, at the expense of bill-paying sites and services operated by banks. They accounted for 27 percent of online bill payments in 2016, down from 38 percent in 2010.

Why have those biller-direct sites experienced such growth? Much of the credit goes to all the data they provide consumers, including details about specific transactions, according to the report, which is entitled, “U.S. Bill Payment Transformation: The Momentum Accelerates.”

Along with that, such sites often post payments more quickly than do sites and services offered by financial institutions — that often enable consumers to wait until due dates to pay bills and be assured that they will not face late charges or other penalties. Those direct sites also take cards, unlike most bank sites and services.

What was the first bank in the Western Area??

I know the First Bank was the first bank in the united states. But what was the first bank ever in the western area including England.

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