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Christie aims at Hillary, Jindal blasts Christie in 'kids table' GOP debate

At one point, Jindal said he would give Christie "a ribbon for participation and a juice box."

"It's interesting," Christie said. "I complimented Bobby. Imagine how much time he'd want if I criticized him?"

Christie said he has cut spending other then pensions and health care and reduced the number of state employees.

"The people out there don't care any of that," Christie said. "They care about who's going to beat Hillary Clinton and who's going to keep their eye on the ball I'm going to keep my eye on the ball."

Christie also touted his tax-cutting plan, which would eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes, which disproportionately benefits residents of the Garden State.

According to Internal Revenue Service statistics, 41.4 percent of New Jersey taxpayers took the state and local tax deduction in 2013, the last year for which statistics were available. Only Maryland and Connecticut had a higher percentage.

Ex-NFL Star Warrick Dunn Has Helped Provide Homes for 145 Single Parents

The first tip off that told Falisha Stewart that it was going to be a weird day was when the conversation turned towards the Atlanta Falcons. It certainly wasn't going to be an average day: it was late November 2003 and Stewart, a single mom working for the state department of transportation, was moving into a new three-bedroom home. She had qualified for the opportunity to live in the Lakewood area of South Atlanta through a local charity, Charis Community Housing, a big move up from the cramped two-bedroom apartment in a rough neighborhood she was sharing with her daughter, 12-year-old Alisha, and her mother, Linda, who was having trouble walking. The area they had been living in was so bad, she says she started praying, asking God to find her a new place to live.

During the ride over to her new home, she was overjoyed, but curious why the driver kept talking about the city's NFL team. She remembers telling them that the Falcons's were pretty bad that season, but didn't think anything of it until the car got close to her new address. The streets were filled with people. A crowd has assembled in her new yard. By the time she realized what was happening—the Falcons's running back, Warrick Dunn, was presenting her home to her as part of his charitable Homes for the Holidays program—she was already crying tears of joy. Alisha had to accept the keys and attend to the ribbon-cutting as her mom walked into a house that, unbeknownst to her, was actually fully furnished.

Do you support Congress's bailout plan, or the House Republicans' bailout plan?

Here's the bullet points directly from the House GOP plan:

* Rather than providing taxpayer funded purchases of frozen mortgage assets, we should adopt a mortgage insurance approach to solve the problem.

I like the Republican's plan a lot better than the Democrat's plan, but what I really want is for the people who got loans they should not have received to go bankrupt and the bankers who issued the loans prosecuted for fraud.