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Gala event honors Best of Central Florida

In all, 172 awards were presented to local businesses and organizations honored in the fourth year of the Best of Central Florida awards from The Ledger Media Group.

LAKELAND — Even knowing you're a nominee doesn't detract from the thrill and adrenaline rush of hearing your name called.

“I was surprised because I was just honored to be here,” said Benito Torres, a pain and vascular physician and owner of the Novus Spine and Pain Center in Lakeland, which was honored as the best vascular pain center. “I was shocked when I heard our name.”


Torres and Novus Spine were among the long list of local businesses and organizations The Ledger Media Group honored on Thursday at the Best of Central Florida awards during a banquet at the RP Funding Center. In all, 172 awards were presented.

Torres didn't take all the credit.

Marcy and Bruce Benson named 2020 Citizens of the West

The National Western Stock Show is proud to announce Marcy and Bruce Benson as the 2020 Citizens of the West. This prestigious annual award recognizes those who embody the spirit and determination of Western pioneers and perpetuate the West’s agriculture heritage and ideals. A committee of community leaders selects recipients.  

“I’m pleased to see that Bruce and Marcy Benson are being jointly honored as Citizens of the West.  It is a well-deserved honor for their many contributions in the fields of education, philanthropy and business in our community and state.” said Philip Anschutz, 2014 recipient of the Citizen of the West award. 

The Bensons will receive the award at a dinner on January 13, 2020, at the National Western Events Center. Proceeds from the event support 100 scholarships the National Western Scholarship Trust awards annually to colleges and universities in Colorado and Wyoming.

Marcy and Bruce are respected leaders in the business, education, civic, political and philanthropic communities. Together they have made a lasting impression through their tireless advocacy and fundraising efforts for issues and institutions they hold in high regard. 

Do you support Congress's bailout plan, or the House Republicans' bailout plan?

Here's the bullet points directly from the House GOP plan:

* Rather than providing taxpayer funded purchases of frozen mortgage assets, we should adopt a mortgage insurance approach to solve the problem.

I like the Republican's plan a lot better than the Democrat's plan, but what I really want is for the people who got loans they should not have received to go bankrupt and the bankers who issued the loans prosecuted for fraud.

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