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Letters: Acupuncture, tax reform

  Acupuncture an effective way to manage pain

In response to a letter entitled “Acupuncture worse than a waste of money,” it seems the author is misinformed on a few key points.

First, acupuncturists have extensive education. In the state of Tennessee, to be licensed through the medical board as a Licensed Acupuncturist, an applicant must meet the following criteria: Complete a nationally accredited three-year master’s level degree in acupuncture, which includes courses in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, orthopedics, etc.; be certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine; and complete continuing education to maintain this license. To imply that those who practice acupuncture don’t have scientific education or experience is completely false. Many medical doctors and other health care practitioners are now using or receiving training in acupuncture to
help manage chronic pain and many other issues in their patients. Many acupuncturists, including myself, have a background in science.

Wounded army veteran receives keys to new mortgage-free home in ...

(ROCKWALL, TX – June 24, 2016) U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jerry Holcomb and family are finally home after officially receiving the keys to their new mortgage-free, custom-built house during this morning’s dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Members with The Dallas Builders Association, Mishler Builders, Inc. and Operation Finally Home welcomed the Holcomb family after a special ceremony held in honor of their sacrifice and service to our country.

Sgt. Holcomb – who suffers from some major health issues including a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, neck, shoulder and back pain after three deployments in Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan – was given a custom-built, mortgage-free home courtesy of Operation Finally Home, Mishler Builders, and sponsors including the Dallas Builders Association, TXU Energy and FC Dallas. A generous donation from the Fletcher family of Heath, along with other numerous donations from the Rockwall community, provided Mishler Builders with the lot and the necessary funds to help build the home for the Holcomb family.

Do you support Congress's bailout plan, or the House Republicans' bailout plan?

Here's the bullet points directly from the House GOP plan:

* Rather than providing taxpayer funded purchases of frozen mortgage assets, we should adopt a mortgage insurance approach to solve the problem.

I like the Republican's plan a lot better than the Democrat's plan, but what I really want is for the people who got loans they should not have received to go bankrupt and the bankers who issued the loans prosecuted for fraud.