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Does a Blue Ribbon Make This Biotech Stock a Buy Now?

Shut down runaway RET kinase activity, and investors are pleased because it appears to work as hoped. The early-stage candidate shrank tumors for 22 of 32 evaluable patients with RET fusion-positive tumors during a phase 1 study.

A high response rate on its own wasn't the only reason results from this trial stood out. It also looks like the tablets are effective at easily tolerable doses. Investigators split 57 patients into seven groups receiving different dosages but didn't find any dose-limiting toxicities, and there weren't any serious adverse events attributed to the experimental treatment.

Next steps for Loxo Oncology

Getting tumors to shrink isn't much good if they just come roaring back, and all eyes will be on Loxo's planned presentation looking for confirmation that the tumor responses were the sort that could lead to a big survival benefit. Patient data in the company's celebrated abstract cut off in January, and Loxo's promised to present data that runs through April at ASCO's annual upcoming meeting.

Do you support Congress's bailout plan, or the House Republicans' bailout plan?

Here's the bullet points directly from the House GOP plan:

* Rather than providing taxpayer funded purchases of frozen mortgage assets, we should adopt a mortgage insurance approach to solve the problem.

I like the Republican's plan a lot better than the Democrat's plan, but what I really want is for the people who got loans they should not have received to go bankrupt and the bankers who issued the loans prosecuted for fraud.