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Sanders' student followers saw economy collapse on their parents| Di Ionno

Let's get one thing straight. These kids at Bernie Sanders rallies aren't idealists. They're realists.

They fully understand their debt and their job prospects. They see the inevitable deferment of their American dream.

Before they were "Feeling the Bern," many felt the burn of the latest recession, through their parents' eyes.

They saw their parents' "529s" tank with the market and their homes go "underwater."

They grew up hearing about rising healthcare contributions for diminishing coverage, and pay cuts and pension freezes.

They know people who were downsized, or took early retirement, or all the other euphemisms for getting laid off. Or outright lost their homes in the bundled mortgage calamity.

For these kids, it all adds up to more borrowing for college, which adds up to less future money for homes, cars, appliances, etc.

They know their collective trillion dollars of debt – and their exposure to credit-killing mishaps in the form of late or missed payments – will grind down our consumption-based economy.

PCIJ wealth check

MANILA, Philippines – They are multimillionaires, affluent and ambitious to the last.

On Monday, May 9, Filipinos will get to pick one among them to be president, and another to be vice president, of the nation.

The candidates themselves have tried to make it easier for voters to choose. Months ahead of the official campaign period, for instance, four of the five candidates for president and five of the six for vice president rolled out multibillion pesos worth of television ads to win the favor of the 55.7-million registered Filipino voters at home and overseas.

That kind of spending, of course, is alien to a majority of Filipino voters. Strapped by a lack of choices and resources, most Filipinos are so unlike the candidates who are invariably awash in wealth, status and perks.

Politics is writ in riddles, indeed. Why, for instance, should class wish to serve mass for a pittance? And a pittance it is, even with the salary standardization law that passed this year raising the president’s monthly salary to P400,000.

Do you support Congress's bailout plan, or the House Republicans' bailout plan?

Here's the bullet points directly from the House GOP plan:

* Rather than providing taxpayer funded purchases of frozen mortgage assets, we should adopt a mortgage insurance approach to solve the problem.

I like the Republican's plan a lot better than the Democrat's plan, but what I really want is for the people who got loans they should not have received to go bankrupt and the bankers who issued the loans prosecuted for fraud.