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Baby GEs? General Electric may need a breakup

In a harshly worded research note last week, Barclays analyst Scott Davis wrote that "GE and CEO Jeff Immelt have failed to capture the attention of investors," adding that many big mutual funds appear to have "thrown in the towel" on the stock.

GE is the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year, down 7%. It has lagged the Dow and S&P 500 over the past 12 months as well.

Davis thinks GE needs to do something drastic to convince investors that the stock is worth owning. He proposes a "full AT&T style break-up" for the company, referring to AT&T's split into seven Baby Bells in 1982. (Funny how that worked out though. The company now known as AT&T consists of four of the old Baby Bells it was forced to sell.)

Of course, the Ma Bell restructuring was done because the government ruled that AT&T was a monopoly. If GE were to break up (even though it's hard to do if you believe Neil Sedaka) it would be because investors demand it.

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

This comes after U.S. stocks hit fresh record highs last week.

Market sentiment was buoyed by Alibaba's initial public offering Friday and the Federal Reserve's indication Thursday that it probably won't raise interest rates anytime soon.

The S&P 500 index is up by nearly 9% this year and the Nasdaq has shot up by nearly 10%. The Dow Jones industrial average has advanced by 4.2%.

2. #FloodWallStreet campaign: Hundreds of environmental activists plan to "flood" Wall Street on Monday to protest the role Big Business plays in climate change.

The #FloodWallStreet campaign is part of a series of demonstrations taking place this week as world leaders gather in New York for a climate change summit on Tuesday at the United Nations.

While no specific companies are being targeted, the movement is broadly aimed at "polluters and those profiting from the fossil fuel industry."

3. Potential market movers -- Sigma-Aldrich, Best Buy, FedEx, Texas Instruments, Yahoo: Expect Sigma-Aldrich shares to surge when trading begins in New York after Germany's Merck agreed to buy the life sciences group for $17 billion in cash. The price represents a 37% premium to Friday's close.

Does anyone know much about Affiliated Mortgage Company in Monroe, LA?

My new mortgage has just been sold to this company. Since I will be making monthly payment to this company for many years to come, I would like to know more about it but can't seem to be able to find out much from the Internet.

Realtors® Testify Broad Qualified Mortgage is Critical to Bringing ...

“Realtors® are the leading advocate for housing issues and believe that one of the greatest issues affecting the housing market is uncertainty in the rules that govern housing finance,” said Louser, broker/owner of Preferred Minot Real Estate in... If the QM regulation is too narrowly defined it could threaten the burgeoning housing and economic recovery by denying creditworthy borrowers access to safe, quality loan products, said NAR’s 2012 Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs......

1000 New Jobs Coming to Florida

  “The company’s expansion throughout our state is also evidence of our success in making Florida attractive to companies looking to increase business opportunities. One thousand Florida jobs will result from a major expansion of Digital Risk, the nation’s largest provider of mortgage risk, compliance and transaction management solutions. The company will focus on finding communities throughout the state to meet the remaining need. Digital Risk’s Expansion Targets Palm Beach County For First 150 Jobs. The expansion began last month with Digital Risk’s newest site in Boca Raton, where the first 150 of the 1,000 jobs will be staffed by early September....