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Mr. Christopher and his Divine Ladies Tax Credit for First Time How Buyer and Reverse Mortgages

Mr. Christopher and His Divine Ladies. Mr. Christopher discussed the correlation between title and mortgage industry. Susan Field's discussed ...

Diary of an estate agent: Chelsea


In the current market, I’m working hard to maintain deal momentum and speed up exchanges for my clients — and nothing focuses the mind like a potential holiday. All solicitors are on speed dial and getting bored with my incessant calls.

This afternoon I check that funds are in place and both deals ready to exchange. With luck they’ll get across the line tomorrow, easing my stress levels in the process.

A “company bonding exercise” this evening consists of a Thames boat cruise and a cocktail masterclass — hard work on a moving vessel but we make a decent fist of it.


Double disaster strikes. An 11th-hour issue with planning permission on Fernshaw Road rears its ugly head. This is followed by a call from the Harcourt Terrace solicitor telling me the mortgage offer is not yet in place.

What a difference a day makes… this looks to have scuppered the exchange on both deals this week and leaves me seeking divine intervention.

Christians who fled Aleppo now returning with help from local Church

That between January and June, 18 Catholic families have returned to Aleppo from places like Armenia, France, Germany, and Venezuela. In addition, 400 Christian families of the Armenian community returned to the area.

He said these families have decided to return because in their host countries “they live in poverty and feel like foreigners. Also because they miss the warmth of the Christian community that welcomes, heals, and accompanies each family with all its needs.”

“When they see the aid that we give to the Christians in Aleppo, they say, ‘Why don’t we return home, to our culture, to our society when the bombings have ceased?’” he said.

Syria's largest city before the country's civil war began in 2011, control of Aleppo was divided among government and several rebel groups from July 2012 until the Syrian government recaptured the metropolis in December 2016.

The Franciscan said that while rebels have been expelled from the city, unfortunately "living conditions have not improved in Aleppo. The only thing that has improved is that there are no more bombings, thank God, but there is still insecurity."

Family of four (two teenagers) with 7 days to vacation in New York...What would you do?

Okay....some background here. We will be going to The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, The Cloisters, MoMA, St. Patricks Cathedral, The Cathedral of St.

Leno and Letterman are both taped in NYC. Get there early because very long lines will form. You're not missing much with Tavern on the Green, I've always been disappointed in their food, no matter how many stars they claim.