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More history awaits on South African shores
More history awaits on South African shores If I had been offered enough money to pay my mortgage several times over I hope my decision would have been considered, I just don't know. Certainly the 1985 Ashes tour was severely disrupted when 16 of the nation's best took a different path, one

Man admits money laundering in house-flipping mortgage scam
Nobles, a licensed real-estate agent, operated the scheme through several companies, including Home Team Solutions, Zircon Funding and Noble Presence Farm. He took kickbacks and paid kickbacks to brokers and others involved using money lenders 

Granville man pleads guilty to money laundering
According to previous news releases, he reportedly purchased nine properties in the Columbus area between 2006 and 2008 with the intent to flip them through his businesses, Home Team Solutions Limited, Zircon Funding Limited and Noble Presence Farm LLC

When Did the Rangers Begin to "Suck"?
The other source of the "Curse of 1940" theory is that The Garden's mortgage was paid off in early 1941, and, still having the Cup, Ranger management celebrated by burning the mortgage papers in the bowl of the Cup, thus "angering the hockey gods

Business Profiles: Your Home Team Mortgage and Borrowing Solutions, Dominion Lending Centres

Sean Binkley, Mortgage Broker, of Your Home Team Mortgage and Borrowing Solutions, clearly conveys how the personal aspect of service is foremost ...

A Strong Woman Gets a Strong House with Honolulu Habitat for Humanity

, Honolulu Habitat for Humanity will dedicate its newest home in Kaneohe. For Laureen Kukino, her perseverance and strength has paid off. Living in a home built in the 1920's that was falling down around her, she turned to Honolulu Habitat for Humanity for assistance. Ms. Kukino was committed to staying on her land and in her community. But, the house left to her by her mother was both a safety and health hazard. 

"When I first met Ms. Kukino, she was standing in the doorway of her house with a sagging roof and holes in the floor making sections of the house almost unlivable. I wondered how on earth this house could still be standing. With a huge smile on her face she gave me a hug and welcomed us into her home and into her heart.  As our Habitat team has gotten to know Ms. Kukino, we've learned about her endearing spirit, resilience and her contagious joy. I now realize the reason that house was standing was because her will simply would not let it fall.  Ms. Kukino was stronger than that house", said Jim Murphy, Executive Director of Honolulu Habitat for Humanity.

Prison time ordered for 2 women who stole over $1M from a Molokai credit union

Two women who caused the shut down of a trusted Molokai credit union after embezzling more than $1 million will spend the next few years behind bars.

On Wednesday, a judge handed down a 50-month prison sentence to 40-year-old Janell Purdy of Wailuku. 

Purdy, along with co-conspirator Allennie Naeole, 55, pleaded guilty to embezzlement-related charges earlier this year after they stole from the now-closed First Hawaiian Homes Federal Credit Union on Molokai.

U.S. District Court Judge Derrick K. Watson also ordered Purdy to pay almost $950,000 in restitution, and serve three years of supervised released.

Naeole was sentenced last month. She was ordered to serve seven years behind bars, three years of supervised release and pay more than $1 million in restitution.

According to the Department of Justice, court documents and other evidence proved the two conspired to steal the money from June 2008 through December 2015.

Their scheme involved unauthorized checks, forged signatures and falsified reports along with a trail of an attempt to cover it all up. . малый бизнес оборудование