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More history awaits on South African shores
More history awaits on South African shores If I had been offered enough money to pay my mortgage several times over I hope my decision would have been considered, I just don't know. Certainly the 1985 Ashes tour was severely disrupted when 16 of the nation's best took a different path, one

Man admits money laundering in house-flipping mortgage scam
Nobles, a licensed real-estate agent, operated the scheme through several companies, including Home Team Solutions, Zircon Funding and Noble Presence Farm. He took kickbacks and paid kickbacks to brokers and others involved using money lenders 

Granville man pleads guilty to money laundering
According to previous news releases, he reportedly purchased nine properties in the Columbus area between 2006 and 2008 with the intent to flip them through his businesses, Home Team Solutions Limited, Zircon Funding Limited and Noble Presence Farm LLC

When Did the Rangers Begin to "Suck"?
The other source of the "Curse of 1940" theory is that The Garden's mortgage was paid off in early 1941, and, still having the Cup, Ranger management celebrated by burning the mortgage papers in the bowl of the Cup, thus "angering the hockey gods

Business Profiles: Your Home Team Mortgage and Borrowing Solutions, Dominion Lending Centres

Sean Binkley, Mortgage Broker, of Your Home Team Mortgage and Borrowing Solutions, clearly conveys how the personal aspect of service is foremost ...

City seeks applicants for interest-free down payment loans

HNN Spring Intern

The city is accepting applications for federal interest-free down payment loans.

Low- and moderate-income families can receive a loan of up to $40,000 as a down payment.

The city is looking to disperse $410,000 in Federal HOME funds.

There's no cost to apply, and city officials are encouraging families to take advantage of the opportunity.  

“This federal funding can help Oahu families purchase a home and save thousands of dollars in interest payments,” Mayor Kirk Caldwell said, in a news release. “I urge qualified households to take advantage of this gateway to homeownership and financial security.”

Interested families must first apply for a loan through a mortgage lender after being approved for a first mortgage.

To qualify, applicants must provide 5 percent of the purchase price as a down payment and complete a home inspection.

They also must take an approved homeownership course.

Cheering for the home team

If you’ve been watching anything of the Winter Olympics you can’t have failed to have seen the bizarre and captivating images of the cheerleading squad from North Korea.

They arrived in their hundreds to support the unified North/South Korean team. Their perfectly choreographed routines are almost hypnotic and performed with an energy and enthusiasm that has left many people, myself included, more interested in them than the team they’re supporting. For those that don’t know, while the squad were cheering and singing with fixed smiles for the entire game their team was comprehensively beaten 8-0.

The lesson to be learnt from this? The team with the big, brash support isn’t necessarily the best one!

The same principle can be applied in the mortgage sector.

Product providers quite rightly get behind their products with promotions, publicity and headline grabbing rates. They’ve designed and launched a market leading product and they want the world to know about it. Sadly the consequence for many brokers is a client coming to see them with a best buy table printed off the internet and clutched proudly under their arm enquiring about a product that they simply don’t qualify for. . малый бизнес оборудование