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Occupy Iowa City rallies against banks and corporate greed

Occupy Wall Street movement. Many have been camping a few blocks away in College Green Park for the past week. They rallied to show outrage over ...

Warren asks City Council to clear the way for Cobbs Hill Village project

Mayor Lovely Warren is asking City Council to take the steps necessary to clear the way for redevelopment of Cobbs Hill Village.

The plan by Rochester Management to demolish and replace the one-story, 1950s-era apartment complex with three-story apartment buildings and townhome-style units has drawn opposition from neighbors, tenants and others.

Warren herself sent the project back to the drawing board two years ago , objecting to the size and scope of the project. Some adjustments were made , reducing the size of the proposed buildings along Norris Drive. And after the city's Planning Commission OK'd the latest plan earlier this month , Warren said she did not foresee setting what she saw as precedent in blocking the project from proceeding to City Council.

In legislation dated Thursday, Warren asked council members to consent to further extending Rochester Management's use of the property through 2061 — in exchange for $352,000 — thus allowing the company to finance the $27.5 million project.

From posh oligarchs to taxi drivers, Russians in London feel a chill

There are so many Russians here, and so many rich, showy, notorious Russians, that it has become a cliche. Moscow-on-the-Thames? Londongrad? Take your pick.

There’s a  Channel 4 documentary about sketchy Russians who  pay cash for mansions in posh Belgravia, and there’s a hit BBC soap opera airing now called “ McMafia ,” about the Russian mob in London — think “The Sopranos” slurping borscht.

There are Russians who shop for bespoke suits on Savile Row and others who hoover up the Siberian caviar in Bob Bob Ricard, the restaurant with the little button on the table you press  to get more champagne . 

But there are far more ordinary, lumpen Russians working as Uber drivers or nannies — or going to universities or writing software — than there are billionaire oligarchs  who own English soccer teams . 

Right now, though, in the eyes of the British, the distinctions don’t seem to matter. In Parliament and the British press, Russia is roundly denounced as a source of interfering trolls, money launderers and assassins.

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