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Occupy Iowa City rallies against banks and corporate greed

Occupy Wall Street movement. Many have been camping a few blocks away in College Green Park for the past week. They rallied to show outrage over ...

Berkshire Bank to buy out Commerce Bank, bolster Eastern Mass presence

PITTSFIELD —  Berkshire Bank's holding company has reached an agreement to purchase Commerce Bankshares Corp. of Worcester, a $209 million all-stock transaction that will strengthen the bank's presence in Eastern Massachusetts.

The purchase also will allow the Pittsfield financial institution to move its corporate headquarters to Boston by the end of this year.

But officials said that doesn't mean the county's largest bank is pulling up stakes in Pittsfield. While Berkshire Bank will open a corporate headquarters office in Boston, its operational headquarters will remain at its current location on 99 North St.

"Locating our corporate headquarters in Boston will not take us away from our roots in Berkshire County," said Berkshire Bank CEO Michael P. Daly. "We remain committed to all of our employees, customers, and communities."

"Boston is the largest city in our footprint," said Sean A. Gray, chief operating officer of Berkshire Bank. "To have an executive office down there that we have accessibility to with greater access to transportation, and with all of our regulators there and the government leaders for the state of Massachusetts there, it just makes sense.

Cordray Mum on Future Rulemaking, Defends Rules on Mortgage Lending

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... one of the things that President Robin did his first day was issued executive order freezing ... regulations that have not yet been completed it published in the Federal register ... all they are pending and see if he's inducted R ... I P letting arbitration and ... we're working on a ... rule I'm ... prepaid cards that has not yet been issued ... talk about how is that all that ... exists in order for the White House mainly affects ... those plans for those with well we're still digesting its the first two days were still digesting these orders and ... when understand them ... any good and I'm landscape if you look directly for work we've done is an agency ... some of that has been quite important ... and Congress gave us the specific responsibility to clean up the mortgage market ... and a mandated that we pass the Number fool some of them very significant moves ... on the industry didn't like some of them ... up and yet making sure that we have responsible underwriting of mortgages that mortgage servicing is improved which was terrible for ... for years and still has a lot of room for improvement ... these are important things making sure people a clear and understandable information that these forms are streamlined ... as they have been so that people can know when to getting into and not have regrets later that they didn't understand ... on the product so ... of this important ID clear the mortgage market has been ... so important because that's what led to the financial crisis the meltdown there ... is something irresponsible predatory lending way out of hand ... and and the regulators did not ... when a decision to understand how affected consumers and rain again ... how we are now in position ... to tease and we will continue ... to do then I think is quite important ... the thought that do you see that the executive agency of the White House resigned executive rules ... applies to your agency or does not apply ... I'll leave that to lawyers for now it's a citizens are being ... digested but ... I in terms of ... both enforcing the law and how regulating the market and even handed manner ... an improving market where where Congress tells us that we should be sore where ... where we see that that ... the data indicates to me ... this important things and I think they're also rules that we ... that we write better about clarifying matters for industry ... for example in debt collection where ... there have been enormous abuses of consumers ... at the same time in history tells us ... there's so many conflicting court decisions they often don't know what they're supposed to do ... that could be clarified that would improve things for everybody that's a great example where whoa making can ... bring order ... to an area where there's confusion and chaos and then maybe an important ... area ... as we go for more working