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Congressman McGovern to GOP: Let's be 'fair and balanced' in media funding

Congressman Jim McGovern(MA-3) says on the floor that defunding NPR because the content isn't agreeable is a 'lousy' way to make ...

POLS ON THE STREET: Can Schools Sue Their Way to Funding?

The petitioners noted that that the spending gap between wealthy and poor districts in the state has widened since the adoption of the new formula, which only applies to about 7% of all the state aid – and an even tinier fraction of total K-12 education spending, which consists mostly of local tax dollars.

Which brings us to the November gubernatorial election. Education funding has become a lead issue in this race. Specifically, Republican challenger State Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) has seized on a comment by incumbent Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf that he is for applying the Fair Funding Formula as soon as possible.

Wagner’s case assumes that total education spending will not increase. In that case, the Fair Funding Formula would indeed take a static pie of dollars and take them from Midstate school districts. That’s because rural Pennsylvania counties are steadily losing population – and students – so their share of the pie would indeed decline.

All this math is a bit beyond the average voter or parent. But if PILC’s lawsuit progresses to the Supreme Court, it could force a sudden upheaval in school funding that the General Assembly would be unable to prevent. And the current Supreme Court has shown it is willing to upset time-honored Republican applecarts when these are blatantly unfair – especially to the voters that elected the justices.

In what way do you think the Fed is being fair / unfair re:AIG 'emergency funding'?

Fair, not unfair
Had they not stepped in to prop up AIG there would have been devastating negative consequences in the international capital markets. AIG insured many mortgages which are in default.

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