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Congressman McGovern to GOP: Let's be 'fair and balanced' in media funding

Congressman Jim McGovern(MA-3) says on the floor that defunding NPR because the content isn't agreeable is a 'lousy' way to make ...

Letter to the editor: Why the 'no' vote on Children's Fund

Updated 15 hours ago

After weeks of research and careful consideration, on Election Day I made the choice to vote “no” on the home rule amendment designed to create a Children’s Fund. I voted “no” not because I am an :anti-tax, each man (or woman, or child) for himself” person. Although I can’t say I love paying taxes (really, who does?), I am fine with paying my fair share of them.

I, along with several others I know, voted “no” because the fund structure seemed to be hastily assembled, with little concrete means to ensure funds were truly going to help children in a meaningful way. I voted “no” because there was no limitation to the length of time of the proposed tax increase. I voted “no” because there was no plan in place, save for another amendment, to dissolve the fund and remove the tax increase without another ballot referendum.

In what way do you think the Fed is being fair / unfair re:AIG 'emergency funding'?

Fair, not unfair
Had they not stepped in to prop up AIG there would have been devastating negative consequences in the international capital markets. AIG insured many mortgages which are in default.