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Congressman McGovern to GOP: Let's be 'fair and balanced' in media funding

Congressman Jim McGovern(MA-3) says on the floor that defunding NPR because the content isn't agreeable is a 'lousy' way to make ...

Winners and losers: School funding legislation needs to be fair and equitable

The new school funding bill (EHB2242) was developed behind closed doors by a small group of legislators and staffers with no public hearings. This approach resulted in a poorly conceived set of changes which impact the state’s 295 school districts very differently with some big winners and many losers. The 1.1 million students in our state deserve a state funding model that not only provides ample funding but also does so in a way that is fair and equitable to all.

Three serious flaws in the legislation must be changed this session:

Teacher experience penalizes districts: Each of our districts has done an excellent job at attracting and retaining talented teachers. We collaborate with local universities, recruit across our region and nation, and provide results-focused professional development programs. We work to provide competitive salaries and quality benefits. As a result, we have many teachers who spend their entire career serving students in our community while pursuing advanced degrees and refining their talent. This also means that, on average, we have more experienced teachers than the statewide average. Prior to the passage of EHB2242, each district received funding from the state based upon the district’s average teacher salary. This statewide salary schedule honors the education and experience of our teachers.

County board approves $1M Heeren Bridge replacement, reappropriating funds

EDWARDSVILLE — A low bid of just over $1 million for the replacement of the Heeren Bridge over Indian Creek on Buchta Road in Fort Russel Township was approved by the Madison County Board Wednesday.

Wood River-based RCS Construction Inc. submitted a low bid of $1,087,263.52.

The structure has a number of structural deficiencies, according to a letter from Fort Russell Township Highway Commissioner Todd Shaw to Madison County Highway Administrator Mark Gvillo in November. The bridge has a load limit of 17 tons, and floods several times per year.

It was also noted that traffic on Buchta Drive has “dramatically” increased.

The board also approved appropriating $135,000 for resurfacing of part of Eastport Plaza Drive. The project is being done in conjunction with Illinois Department of Transportation and the city of Collinsville.

The County Board also approved reappropriating more than $14 million in funding from last year’s budget. Most of the funds were for projects planned or started under the previous year’s budget that were not completed or paid for, or special fund accounts that carry over from one year to the next.

In what way do you think the Fed is being fair / unfair re:AIG 'emergency funding'?

Fair, not unfair
Had they not stepped in to prop up AIG there would have been devastating negative consequences in the international capital markets. AIG insured many mortgages which are in default.