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Replacing 01-05 Honda Civic Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

I discovered my wifes civic had horribly bad lower control arm bushing wore out and when we hit certain bumbs or turns it would clunk real bad. In ...

Rock House Kids donor helps group pay off mortgage

ROCKFORD — Rock House Kids can start planning for a computer lab or game room now that a donor has provided nearly $74,000 to pay off the nonprofit group’s mortgage.

Executive Director Dee Lacny already has taken the check to the bank.

“It’s all about keeping the kids off the streets and keeping them safe,” Lacny said. “We’re ecstatic.”

Lacny would not disclose the name of the donor. But the donation means the agency will no longer have to pay mortgage expenses of $9,300 a year. Officials want to hold a mortgage-burning celebration within the next month.

Rock House Kids is a safe haven for inner-city children. It was founded in 1999 and serves hot meals to 6- to 18-year-old children in its 30,000-square-foot building at 1325 Seventh St. It also provides after-school programs and tutoring. The group serves about 250 children a week.

Rock House Kids does not receive state or federal funding. Financial support comes from businesses, faith communities, civic organizations and individuals.

Oceanside Civic Group opposes Woodcrest Village Park project

Many locals have denounced the project, citing its size and traffic concerns, and Oceanside Civic Group organizer John Mannone said that some members met with Nassau County Industrial Development Agency Chairman Richard Kessel on Oct. 10 to learn about why a payments in lieu of taxes, or PILOT, agreement was approved.

“The problem is this is just so over-the-top and just suddenly appeared one day, and we didn’t catch it,” Mannone, an attorney, said of the project. “I live next door and I don’t even know. It’s like, how can it be?”

The civic group, which was formed, he said, after the project was announced, has about 75 members, and is growing daily.

Kessel, County Executive Laura Curran and representatives of Vision Long Island and the Feil Organization, a Manhattan-based development firm, which has owned the roughly 5.2-acre Oceanside property since 1979, announced the project at a September news conference . They lauded the creation of a transit-oriented development while also stressing the potential boon it could be for local businesses.

Eric Holder: Is the "strategy" of libs...closing the?

proverbial door AFTER the proverbial horse has gone out?

Yes, very similar to their lack of insight to homeland terror threats.

President Obama has ordered a sweeping review of how the suspect managed to board the flight from Amsterdam AFTER taking his eye off the threat of terrorism from abroad.

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