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Replacing 01-05 Honda Civic Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

I discovered my wifes civic had horribly bad lower control arm bushing wore out and when we hit certain bumbs or turns it would clunk real bad. In ...

The lasting legacy of small Jewish communities that once thrived in Wisconsin

To Milwaukee’s Jewish community, it was the end of a period that had found that group almost tripling in size from an estimated 7,000 in 1907 to around 22,000 in 1922, with most of the growth coming from immigration, largely from Eastern Europe. Despite the heavy immigration, a sizable number of Milwaukee Jews at that time were able to speak English.

Immigrants in America frequently banded together in communities of similar ethnic backgrounds. This gave those new Americans valuable grounding in what has come to be called Americanization, a process of adapting to the new land’s customs and language. Often, these communities guided the immigrant toward jobs, housing, even such things as ethnic grocers or clothing stores.

These communities often were centered around a religious institution, a church or other place of worship. Americanization led to a new identity for the immigrants. They were now German-Americans, or Italian-Americans, or, as in the case of the community studied here, Jewish-Americans. Inevitably, these communities had leaders, individuals who helped bridge the contradictions between tradition and assimilation. Renegotiating an ethnic community’s identity “was fraught with internal conflicts and dissension over the nature, history and destiny of its peoplehood.

Eric Holder: Is the "strategy" of libs...closing the?

proverbial door AFTER the proverbial horse has gone out?

Yes, very similar to their lack of insight to homeland terror threats.

President Obama has ordered a sweeping review of how the suspect managed to board the flight from Amsterdam AFTER taking his eye off the threat of terrorism from abroad.

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