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Replacing 01-05 Honda Civic Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

I discovered my wifes civic had horribly bad lower control arm bushing wore out and when we hit certain bumbs or turns it would clunk real bad. In ...

What’s New in Civic Tech: Detroiters Pay Taxes Via Kiosks

Wayne County, Mich., which is home to Detroit, has deployed a new kiosk-based system for property tax payment that allows its residents to pay their bills over time, rather than in one lump sum. 

Local media reported on the kiosk system this week, which is relatively simple. The kiosks, of which there are more than 50 located throughout the city in places like Rite Aid stores, allow residents to pay their taxes with cash, thereby avoiding having to pay through a mortgage company. These kiosks have been active in Detroit since 2016, when the program launched with kiosks in 24 places. 

That number has now increased, and a map of kiosk locations can be found here. Also, Wayne County residents can now put away money toward their property taxes throughout the summer and winter seasons, chipping away at large property tax bills if they so choose, rather than having to pay all of their taxes in one lump sum. This program was first created to make it easier for residents who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards to pay their taxes with actual cash without having to make a trip in person to downtown city hall.

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Lightning Payments Come To Retail; Rep. McCarthy Eyes Blockchain For Gov’t Efficiency, Transparency

A beer vending machine that accepts cryptocurrency payment is now available for preorder.

Decentralized identity startup Civic debuted a $15,000 machine that can verify a user’s age, as well as accept payment via crypto.

“We’re merging identity and payment into one transaction,” Civic’s Titus Capilnean told CoinDesk .

The company estimated that the machines have sold about 150 beers per day since they debuted last Sunday, totaling around 100,000 CVC ($7,600) in sales.

In other news, IBM and the National Council of Clerks (NCC) announced they have teamed up on a blockchain-based commercial court solution that will be used by clerks across France.

The network will be used to record and share information on exchanges of regulatory information related to companies’ difficulties, and the changes of status of the company registered on the French territory.

“This initiative is a first in the justice sector in France and is a perfect example of blockchain’s role in helping regulated professions as they transform,” Vincent Fournier, senior manager for blockchain at IBM France, said in a press release . “Blockchain’s qualities are ideal for this use, improving the clerks’ business processes and adapting to the ever-changing nature of their missions.”

Eric Holder: Is the "strategy" of libs...closing the?

proverbial door AFTER the proverbial horse has gone out?

Yes, very similar to their lack of insight to homeland terror threats.

President Obama has ordered a sweeping review of how the suspect managed to board the flight from Amsterdam AFTER taking his eye off the threat of terrorism from abroad.