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Replacing 01-05 Honda Civic Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

I discovered my wifes civic had horribly bad lower control arm bushing wore out and when we hit certain bumbs or turns it would clunk real bad. In ...

Comox Valley Civic Centre Alternative Approval Process ending August 18

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) began its Alternative Approval Process (AAP) for the”tax neutral” Civic Centre regional office building on Juy 6.

The process will be running until 4:30 pm on August 18, 2017.

The CVRD office is an extremely important aspect of CVRD operations, offering essential services to residents (water, sewer, parks, recreation and solid waste operations) and housing key assets including IT infrastructure, fleet and corporate records.

The current office is problematic due to its flood prone location, inadequate space and expensive lease cost of approximately $330,000 per year.

Instead of paying the lease, the funds will be redirected towards a debt repayment similar to a mortgage payment. There is no tax increase to residents and the CVRD would own a community asset.

“Regional Districts are democratic organizations that require public assent when borrowing,” explains Acting Chief Administrative Officer Ann MacDonald.

SRQ Daily Jul 29, 2017

The Bayfront 20:20 Steering Committee membership was announced this week. The seven members of the group are all accomplished fellas, and those on the committee I know are very nice fellas. But they are all fellas, and yes, they are all white fellas, God bless them every one. When this announcement went out, and in the formation of this group, it seems it didn’t occur to anyone involved in the selection process that putting together a group which represents our community would mean including women and minority leaders. That blind spot is the definition of bias, for those with bias are unaware of their bias. It’s 2017 and I can’t believe this column is necessary, but here we are.

What is Bayfront 20:20? Sarasota Bayfront 20:20 is group engaged in gathering community input and communication with the public regarding redeveloping the City’s 42 public acres along the bay (including the Van Wezel performing arts hall). The organization has conducted over 145 meetings, six community forums, with over 2,700 participants and solicited over 200 pages of comments and 170 ideas about the future of Sarasota’s bayfront. Bayfront 20:20 has launched a website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Eric Holder: Is the "strategy" of libs...closing the?

proverbial door AFTER the proverbial horse has gone out?

Yes, very similar to their lack of insight to homeland terror threats.

President Obama has ordered a sweeping review of how the suspect managed to board the flight from Amsterdam AFTER taking his eye off the threat of terrorism from abroad.