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Rhode Island Community Food Bank 30th Anniversary Video

A video commemorating the Rhode Island Community Food Bank's 30th Anniversary. Includes a look at the work and logistics involved in supplying ...

Rhode Island prepares for flooding

As seas rise and storms grow stronger, Rhode Island’s 400 miles of winding shoreline are increasingly vulnerable to flooding. So are inland streams and rivers.

The state is working to protect roads, dams, and water treatment plants that are at risk as the water rises.

“We are seeing infrastructure vulnerabilities related to climate change all across the state, not just on our coasts, but in communities all around the state,” says Shaun O’Rourke of the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank .

The bank provides loans to help cities and towns protect critical infrastructure.

For example, the town of Warren elevated electrical equipment and pumps at a wastewater treatment plant. Others may use the loans to repair or remove old dams, elevate roads, or restore coastal marshes that can help protect the coastline.

Strengthening infrastructure does not just improve safety. O’Rourke says it’s smart financially, too.

A study by the National Institute of Building Sciences found that every dollar the federal government spends on protection from floods and other hazards can save $6 in future disaster costs.

Women's Resource Center seeks team members, sponsors for 2019 Citizen's Bank Pell Bridge Run

Women’s Resource Center (WRC), a nonprofit domestic violence intervention and prevention services agency with offices in Newport and Warren, R.I., is seeks team members and sponsors for the agency’s participation in the 2019 Citizen’s Bank Pell Bridge happening on Sunday, October 20, 2019.

“October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so it’s fitting that this event helps us to create more awareness for our advocacy and preventive services,” states Women’s Resource Center Acting Executive Director Jessica Walsh in a press release. “Sponsorship of our team will support our ability to do what we do best: empower victims and survivors of domestic violence on their personal journeys toward safety and well-being.”

Domestic violence is a public health issue that affects women, men, teens, children and families throughout Rhode Island and the country. According to statistics collected by the Women’s Resource Center, 1 in 4 Rhode Islanders will experience domestic violence in their lifetime and 1 in 10 Rhode Island high school students report that they have already experienced physical dating violence.

Do you have to pay the bank in Rhode Island when a property is foreclosed and sold by the bank at lower price?

Like many other people, it's been hard to make ends meet and stay on top of my mortgage. I want to know if Rhode Island law allows the bank to come after me for whatever the difference is from what they sell it for.

this article will explain. tent/article/2008/04/11/AR2008041101914.

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