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Rhode Island Community Food Bank 30th Anniversary Video

A video commemorating the Rhode Island Community Food Bank's 30th Anniversary. Includes a look at the work and logistics involved in supplying ...

New target date for Exit 10 ramps: July 28

JOHNSTON – Mayor Joe Polisena said he was surprised over the weekend to see signs along Route 295 stating that the new Route 5 ramps at Greenville Avenue – the north and southbound exits off the highway to Greenville Avenue – would be open by July 28.

Polisena had a conference call with representatives from Citizens Bank and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation Monday and said he felt better after that meeting that the July 28 date will be met.

As he understood it from that meeting, the only item still on the “punch list” of issues to complete at the ramps is to plant grass, and that task can’t be done until fall.

Once Citizens Bank signs an agreement that it will bear the expense for that grass, the exits should be allowed to open, he said.

Once the state signs off on the list, Citizens Bank, which is bearing half of the $6 million cost for the Exit 10 ramps near its new corporate headquarters, will turn them over to the town. The town will then turn them over to the state, but Polisena reiterated that he didn’t want to take such an action until he was sure the work was complete and the town wouldn’t be liable for anything.

Santander's New Operating Platform from nCino Ensures Faster Loan Processing and an Optimal Experience for ...

Understand the importance of ensuring the customer experience is as fast, easy and intuitive as possible," said Pierre Naudé, CEO of nCino. "The Bank also recognizes that a shiny front end means nothing if the middle and back office doesn't embrace at least the same degree of automation and intelligence. By implementing nCino's Bank Operating System, Santander is transforming processes from within and while engaging their customers, offering transparency and speed to customers while reducing overall costs and boosting efficiency."

Santander is deploying nCino in partnership with Accenture to provide the Bank's customers with a personalized experience while empowering its business bankers with an end-to-end solution that seamlessly combines customer relationship management (CRM), loan origination, account opening, workflow, enterprise content management, and instant reporting capabilities. The Bank will continue introducing additional features of nCino's Bank Operating System into 2018, beginning with the Online Application and Customer Portal capabilities, enabling real-time application and workflow management tools that deliver a superior customer experience while also reducing paperwork and increasing efficiencies for the Bank.

Do you have to pay the bank in Rhode Island when a property is foreclosed and sold by the bank at lower price?

Like many other people, it's been hard to make ends meet and stay on top of my mortgage. I want to know if Rhode Island law allows the bank to come after me for whatever the difference is from what they sell it for.

this article will explain. tent/article/2008/04/11/AR2008041101914.