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Pennsylvania judge delivers blow to Buckeye effort to reverse Laurel Pipeline

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday urged the state’s public utility commission to reject Buckeye Partners LP’s proposal to reverse the western portion of a 350-mile (560-km) product pipeline that extends from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania Administrative Law Judge Eranda Vero’s action represented a setback for Buckeye and its efforts to reverse the Laurel Pipeline in the Pittsburgh region to move refined products eastward, which would offer Midwest refiners led by Marathon Petroleum greater access to western Pennsylvania.

The state’s Public Utility Commission has the final say on reversal, but the judge’s recommendation carries significant weight.

“While we are still reviewing the decision, and we appreciate the administrative law judge’s consideration of our proposal which will create important benefits for Pennsylvania consumers, we respectfully disagree with her conclusion,” Buckeye said in statement.

How Greece is reversing brain drain

Human capital flight, or ‘brain drain’ – when highly-skilled workers quit home for opportunities overseas – can weigh heavily on the economies of poorer countries the world over.

Governments and academics work hard to fight these trends, by forming research or distance learning programmes to figure out what would tempt the best graduates back.

But Chalkiopoulos is part of a very different kind of project driven by market economics.

Venture forth

His software company Landoop, which he founded in London, last year received $1 million investment from Marathon Venture Capital, a venture capital fund specifically targeting Greek entrepreneurs. But there’s a catch – he must spend around half of that cash in his home country and build part of his team and company there.

A venture capital firm is created by a group of wealthy investors, banks or financial institutions, who club together to provide a

Is there a 3 day rescind law in pennsylvania for motor vehicles?

I bought a motorcycle from another individual and he claimed the bike was in running conditions. When i rode it after that it started to get progressively worse and now it wont run at all. Is there anything in the law that can prevent or reverse this?

You can check your state's lemon laws (which are unlikely to apply to a non-dealer seller), but in general if you are buying something without a warranty, the rule is 'caveat emptor', which means, buyer beware.