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Des Moines can reverse history by changing one-way streets

Look at photos from pre-1950s downtown Des Moines — or just about any American city — and you’ll see a place bustling with shoppers and workers.

To feed Americans’ need for speed, however, traffic engineers removed such street-level vibrancy. Des Moines has a historic opportunity to reverse the mistakes of the last half-century and bring back such life downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods.

 The City Council will consider a plan  to eliminate nearly every one-way street, reduce the number of vehicle lanes and increasing the network of bike lanes in and around downtown. The result would increase safety for drivers and pedestrians alike and help attract more retail.

The plan is critical precisely because downtown is booming with new apartments, corporate headquarters and entertainment opportunities. “Yet, with all this activity, street life is still relatively subdued,” notes the Connect Downtown study , completed by the city of Des Moines, the Urban Land Institute and the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

Is there a 3 day rescind law in pennsylvania for motor vehicles?

I bought a motorcycle from another individual and he claimed the bike was in running conditions. When i rode it after that it started to get progressively worse and now it wont run at all. Is there anything in the law that can prevent or reverse this?

You can check your state's lemon laws (which are unlikely to apply to a non-dealer seller), but in general if you are buying something without a warranty, the rule is 'caveat emptor', which means, buyer beware.

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