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Pipeline reversal project that cuts through Pennsylvania sparks price debate

Allowing oil flow to be reversed in a Pennsylvania pipeline could spike gasoline and heating fuel prices in the region, a coalition of prominent businesses says, despite a company's assertions to the contrary.

"Based on our experience supplying consumers with gasoline and diesel for almost 40 years, we believe if the pipeline reversal is approved, Western Pennsylvania would likely face higher prices, and the Pittsburgh market could see prices over 50 cents per gallon above Philadelphia during the summer," said Mike Lorenz, executive vice president of Sheetz Inc.

In its application to the state Public Utility Commission, Laurel Pipeline Co. officials said a partial reversal of their cross-state pipeline will "provide western and central Pennsylvania increased access to generally lower-priced Midwestern gasoline and petroleum products."

Texas-based Buckeye Partners, which owns the Laurel pipeline, launched the website to bolster support for the project. Company officials said they are taking advantage of a shift that has seen East Coast refinery capacity drop 26 percent since 2005, compared to a 10 percent bump in capacity from Midwest facilities, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Net neutrality was just repealed. Here's how it could still be saved

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday (Dec. 14) successfully voted to repeal the Open Internet Order. Split along party lines, the vote hands FCC chairman Ajit Pai a major victory and potentially allows US telecoms to block, slow, or charge more for certain content.

An army of nonprofits, politicians, and activists, energized by the outpouring of grassroots opposition, is now working to reverse that move. They have two options, neither a slam dunk. But as US politics continues its wild ride into the unprecedented, undoing the FCC’s decision within the next year is possible.

Net neutrality opponents storm Capital Hill

Option A is Congress. Legislators in the House and Senate could simply pass a law that takes net neutrality out of the FCC’s hands. That’s unlikely. With partisan gridlock in Washington, and the ambitious legislative calendar Republicans have laid out for themselves, passing new laws while the clock ticks toward contentious mid-terms is a tall ask.

Is there a 3 day rescind law in pennsylvania for motor vehicles?

I bought a motorcycle from another individual and he claimed the bike was in running conditions. When i rode it after that it started to get progressively worse and now it wont run at all. Is there anything in the law that can prevent or reverse this?

You can check your state's lemon laws (which are unlikely to apply to a non-dealer seller), but in general if you are buying something without a warranty, the rule is 'caveat emptor', which means, buyer beware.