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In Pa., the era of big litigation isn't over | Opinion

By Curt Schroder

Remember when President Bill Clinton declared: "The era of big government is over!"? 

Well, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal declaring "The Era of Tort Lawsuits Is Waning" caused quite a splash earlier this summer. 

However, like President Clinton's declaration, this one does not stand up to closer scrutiny in Pennsylvania.

The Wall Street Journal breathlessly reported that fewer than 2 in 1,000 people filed tort lawsuits in 2015 according to data available from the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). 

The Journal examined the data and found that this number is down sharply from 1993 when 10 in 1,000 Americans filed tort lawsuits. 

Tort lawsuits, (such as personal injury, auto accidents, product injury, etc...), are now accounting for less than 5% of all civil filings in state courts, down from 16 percent in 1993.  Citing a "nationwide ebb in lawsuits" the article mentioned several factors such as state restrictions on litigation, the increased cost of bringing suits, improved auto safety, among other things, contributing to this nationwide decline.

Bill Hollis: Buckeye Partners' plan could bring lower-cost fuel to Pa ...

Because of the expanding production of Midwest refineries over the past decade, the average price of gasoline from those facilities continues to fall compared to East Coast supplies. This direct result of the energy revolution in the U.S. is a long-lasting and sustainable trend, and one that all Pennsylvanians should be allowed to enjoy.

Clear market forces are driving this proposal, which explains the positive and widespread support for this important project from trade unions, regional energy associations, free-market policy advocates, and local family-owned small businesses.

This proposal "will ultimately benefit consumers throughout Pennsylvania, including many of our members," Abe Amoros of the Laborers' International Union of North America told the PUC this spring. We absolutely agree.

The project will "enhance fair and competitive pricing as well as reliable supply" to regional consumers, noted Len Zvorsky, executive director of the South Central Pennsylvania Energy Association, one of many supportive local business leaders and consumer advocates. He also underscores the fact that the project "will make heating fuels and motor fuels more affordable for all Pennsylvania residential and commercial consumers." Again, we absolutely agree.

Is there a 3 day rescind law in pennsylvania for motor vehicles?

I bought a motorcycle from another individual and he claimed the bike was in running conditions. When i rode it after that it started to get progressively worse and now it wont run at all. Is there anything in the law that can prevent or reverse this?

You can check your state's lemon laws (which are unlikely to apply to a non-dealer seller), but in general if you are buying something without a warranty, the rule is 'caveat emptor', which means, buyer beware.

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