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FOX2 and American Equity Mortgage: Pay it Forward, March 25th - AJ Hornsey

ST.LOUIS, MO (KTVI - - Fox 2 is proud is to kick off a brand new segment called "Pay It Forward." Every other Thursday we ...

Editorial: Happy New Year Arizonans

By Robin Barker

I hope we’re all ready for the surprises the state has for us this year.

First of all, when you register your vehicle this year, you will see a “public safety fee” (not a tax) added to the final total. The “fee”is set by the ADOT director annually to cover the cost of the state Highway Patrol. This will purportedly free up funds to repair roads and help fund the teacher raises the governor promised.

A little background: the fee, in a bill introduced by Rep. Noel Campbell last legislative session, was originally estimated at $18 per vehicle. The cost was based on the number or vehicles currently registered. Unfortunately, when figuring out the fee, those who have multi-year registrations (two up to five years) were not taken into consideration, as they will be exempt until their due date comes up. Then, too, the Highway Patrol budget ended up being larger than originally thought; hence, the increase from $18 to $32 in order to raise the $185 million the Governor has built into his budget.

Start scheming to buy your first home

With some experts predicting house prices will fall by as much as 10% to 15% this year, you could be in a good position to negotiate hard if you’re a first-time buyer. Here, we look at how to access all the help available to boost your deposit and find a mortgage you can manage

According to UK Finance’s latest Mortgage Trends, there were 35,500 new first-time buyer mortgages completed in August 2018 (the latest figures available) – its highest level since June 2017. That’s encouraging news for anyone thinking about taking their first steps on the property ladder.

First-time buyers can benefit from schemes to encourage homeownership. With Help to Buy (H2B) Isas, the government will top up your savings by 25% (up to £3,000), which you don’t have to pay back. However, there are drawbacks: the purchase price of your property cannot be more than £250,000 (or £450,000 in London); it must also be the only property you own and where you plan to live.

Your first payment into your H2B Isa can be up to £1,200 and then you can pay up to £200 each month. One drawback with this type of Isa is that you can’t use it to pay for the deposit of your first home: your solicitor or conveyancer will apply for the extra 25% on completion of your property transaction.

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