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Cordray Seeks CFPB Board's Help to Spread Reverse Mortgage ...

In addition to the upfront costs, Cordray and the CFPB cited the fact that HECMs reduce the amount of home equity available to seniors over time.

“As a result, those who follow this strategy to sell their homes may be unable to relocate or to handle a financial shock,” he said. “We will be discussing this further, and, in particular, would be glad to hear from you about how we can get this information across to more consumers around the country who may be facing these same circumstances.”

The Consumer Advisory Board includes a variety of players from both the financial services industry and the nonprofit advocacy sector, which the CFPB terms “a crowdsourced group of experts.”

“Our dialogue with our CAB members helps improve the ways that consumer financial markets work for American consumers,” Cordray told the board. “The CAB is a diverse group that identifies key issues cropping up around the country and presents broader perspectives on issues that sharpen our approach to consumer financial protection.

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