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Certain Closed-End Funds Advised by Legg Mason Partners Fund Advisor, LLC Announce Appointment of New Director and Retirements

Western Asset Corporate Loan Fund Inc. (NYSE: TLI),

Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc. (NYSE: EMD),

Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. (NYSE: GDO),

Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc. (NYSE: EHI),

Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc. (NYSE: HIX),

Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund Inc. (NYSE: HIO),

Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. (NYSE: HYI),

Western Asset Intermediate Muni Fund Inc. (NYSE: SBI),

Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Trust Inc. (NYSE: IGI),

Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund Inc. (NYSE: MMU),

Western Asset Middle Market Debt Fund Inc. (XWAMX),

Western Asset Middle Market Income Fund Inc. (XWMFX),

Western Asset Mortgage Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. (NYSE: DMO),

Western Asset Municipal Defined Opportunity Trust Inc. (NYSE: MTT),

Western Asset Municipal High Income Fund Inc.

Reverse Mortgages Seen By Advisors As Option Of Last Resort

Time was, reverse mortgages were anathema to financial advisors. One big reason was self-serving: Since the loans provide an income stream, they meant less client money for advisors to manage—and from which to collect fees. In recent years, however, more advisors and planners have warmed to the product, although some still recommend them only as a last resort.

“Gone are the days of the big, bad reverse mortgage, but like anything, once the bad taste exists sometimes it’s hard to move past your first understanding,” said Brett Gottlieb, founder of Comprehensive Advisor in Carlsbad, Calif. “So we take an education approach to all planning. We teach the client about them even if they don't have a need, so they understand the possibility if it is ever needed in the future.”

One of the most obvious needs is income. “If a client has limited income in retirement—maybe just Social Security and a small investment portfolio—but they own their primary residence free and clear and have no intention of moving, using a reverse mortgage could be significant to meeting their income shortfall,” he said.

Anyone know what the work life of a reverse mortgage loan officer at American Advisors Group is like?

I got an offer to work there and I would like to know the entry base pay, the commission pay scale, and also the average loan contracts an typical officer gets a month. Long shot I know.

Not specifically at AAG, but this might help you with what questions to ask at your interview. Most loan officers are commission-based with their own licenses, working the "streets," so to speak.

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