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5 tips for watching your wallet in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Another key point: Consider purchasing special riders for sewer backups that can hit during storms. Sewer backup coverage averages around $50 annually, according to the Insurance Information Institute. 

After the heavy rainfalls and flooding of freeways in metro Detroit earlier this week, AAA Michigan expects to see above-average claims for water damage to vehicles and homes.

Flood damage to a vehicle is typically covered under the comprehensive portion of an auto policy, according to Susan Hiltz, a spokeswoman for AAA Michigan. 

2.) Be wary of getting tricked into buying a flood-damaged vehicle. 

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette warns that damaged vehicles can show up online, at used car lots or at car auctions.

Unfortunately, scammers have been known to launder vehicle titles, so a clean title does not always prove the car was not in a flood or previously damaged.

How Much Will Hurricane Harvey Cost?

In the hurricane’s path along the Gulf Coast, only two in 10 homeowners have insurance coverage, Robert Hunter, director of insurance at the Consumer Federation of America, told the Associated Press.

"All these people taken out in boats, they have a second problem: They have no insurance," Hunter said. He put the storm’s cost at $35 billion from flood damage alone, in line with Hurricane Katrina. But in the case of Katrina, half of the homes hit were covered by insurance. Houston is America’s fourth-largest city.

In April, Houston’s Harris County had fewer than one in six homes covered by insurance backed by the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), according to risk management and reinsurance company Aon. That means more than a million homes are unprotected in Harris County alone. Most people buy flood insurance under the government plan.

Typical homeowner insurance that isn’t bought through the NFIP mainly protects against wind damage, not flooding.

If Obama really wants to get Iran, why not send Morgan Stanley over to show them how to make money?

They could do the same thing to Iran that they did to Iceland.
Tell them that they will trade them the revenue stream from Mortgage Backed Securities which are rated AAA by Moody and the S&P in exchange for their oil revenue.

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