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Roughly shows how banks and rating agencies are/were working together. Original video at: First uploaded by: First ...

Mother's Day: Insurance

Gather up all of the insurance policies. Review them and be sure you have the current policy and that the premiums are paid.

Homeowners Insurance: If mom owns her home make sure she has a homeowner’s policy. No one requires you to have insurance coverage if you no longer have a mortgage. When you and mom did her net worth statement, is there anything of value that may need special coverage such as jewelry or antiques. If she is renting be sure she has a renter’s policy. Auto Insurance: There is a discount for drivers over 65 and another for low mileage. There are also discounts for membership in AAA and AARP. One of the hardest things you will ever need to discuss with mom is whether she should be still driving. Health Insurance: Medicare does not cover everything. Mom will need Medicare Supplement Insurance referred to as a Medigap policy , which covers things Medicare does not like co-pays and deductibles.

There are two standard Medigap policies offered in Massachusetts . She also needs Medicare part D for drug coverage. Check to see if she has any retiree health insurance benefits from a previous employer, her’s or your dad’s.

Moody's raises outlook for Singapore banks to stable, as drag from oil and gas exposure eases

"Another factor is we think new NPL (non-performing loan) formation, or the rate that banks get new problematic assets: This rate is decreasing. So that's a good thing. Banks will get less problematic assets this year and next," he added.

Tarzimanov said bank profitability was also expected to improve "mildly" as net interest margins (NIM) could rise as interest rates increase, in line with monetary tightening in the U.S., and the amount of provisions needed should decrease.

Moody's said it expected Aaa-rated Singapore's real gross domestic product growth to rise to 2.2 percent this year and 2.5 percent in 2018, from 2 percent in 2016, with credit growth rebounding to mid-single digits after being flat in 2016.

The oil and gas sector proved a drag on the sector after the sharp drop in oil prices forced Singapore oil service player Swiber Holdings into bankruptcy. Another Singapore oil-service company, Ezra Holdings, also failed to repay debt.

If Obama really wants to get Iran, why not send Morgan Stanley over to show them how to make money?

They could do the same thing to Iran that they did to Iceland.
Tell them that they will trade them the revenue stream from Mortgage Backed Securities which are rated AAA by Moody and the S&P in exchange for their oil revenue.

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