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A few years ago I tried to add up all the fines that Bank of America Corp. had paid for doing bad mortgage stuff. There were a lot of them, enough that, as the internet decays, the chart that I put together appears to no longer be readable. The headline number -- $68 billion of fines, settlements, etc. at the time -- was big, but more interesting to me was the repetitiveness of the fines. Countrywide Financial Corp. sold bad mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac between 2004 and 2008, and Bank of America bought Countrywide in 2008, and everyone sued, and Bank of America reached settlements with Freddie (in 2011) and Fannie (in 2013) over those mortgages. And then it reached a settlement with the Federal Housing Finance Agency over those mortgages in 2014. And then it lost a trial and was ordered to pay more money to the Justice Department over some of those loans, though that was later overturned . And then later in 2014 it reached a $16.7 billion settlement with the Justice Department and other agencies covering, among other things, those same loans. Bank of America basically spent the first half of this decade revisiting its mortgage misdeeds, over and over again, and paying for them each time.

May Kudos: Celebrating milestones, launches and awards in the mortgage industry

HousingWire launched its first-ever weekly newscast in April. The podcast features HousingWire editors and reporters talking about trends in mortgage lending, servicing, investing and real estate with industry leaders. The podcast is available on .

A new company, Eave, launched its lending business in Colorado in April, offering jumbo mortgages to homebuyers in the state. Eave was founded by three tech-and-finance veterans: former Capital One executive Saro Vasudevan, Jack McCambridge, a former executive at Hailo , and Anoop Ranganath, a former manager at Foursquare .

Eave says that it has re-envisioned the mortgage experience and can provide a full and complete underwriting and close a borrower’s loan within 21 days.

Carrington Mortgage Services is launching a non-prime loan program aimed at the approximately 100 million U.S. consumers who have less than perfect credit. Carrington’s loan program allows credit scores as low as 500 and can be used for loans up to $1.5 million and cash-out refinances up to $500,000.

If Obama really wants to get Iran, why not send Morgan Stanley over to show them how to make money?

They could do the same thing to Iran that they did to Iceland.
Tell them that they will trade them the revenue stream from Mortgage Backed Securities which are rated AAA by Moody and the S&P in exchange for their oil revenue.

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