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7 Money-Saving Tricks That Actually Work

1. Make the most of cash-back credit cards

This trick is not for you if you tend to use credit cards to buy more things than you can afford. If you're reasonably disciplined, though, it can put (or keep) some significant dollars in your pocket regularly: Get and use one or more cash-back credit cards. These cards offer anywhere from 1% to 2% back on every purchase, and some pay up to 5% or 6% back on certain purchases, such as those at supermarkets or particular retailers. If you spend $300 per month at , for example, and earn 5% back on most purchases there, you'll essentially be spending 5% less -- saving about $180 annually. An American Express card that offers 6% back on supermarket spending can save you $24 per month, if you spend about $100 per week at the supermarket.

There are lots of great credit cards out there, so make sure you're using the ones that serve you best. For example, if you travel a lot, look into cards that offer travel rewards and discounts -- and if you're in debt, focus not on getting cash back but on paying off your debt , perhaps with the help of a 0% introductory APR card or a balance-transfer card.

Buyers give warm reception to NYC TFA, California bond deals

Loop Capital Markets priced and repriced the New York City Transitional Finance Authority’s $901.535 million of tax-exempt future tax secured subordinate fixed-rate bonds for institutions after holding a two-day retail order period.

The bonds were sold via the TFA’s underwriting syndicate, led by book-running lead manager Loop, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Jefferies, JPMorgan Securities, Ramirez & Co., RBC Capital Markets and Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co. serving as co-senior managers. Additionally, the TFA sold $500 million of taxable bonds in two competitive sales. Proceeds from the bond sales will be used to fund capital projects in the city.

Jefferies won the $313.57 million of Fiscal 2019 Series B, Subseries B-3 with a true interest cost of 3.9548% while Morgan Stanley won the $186.43 million of Fiscal 2019 Series B, Subseries B-2 bonds with a TIC of 3.5695%.

The financial advisors are Public Resources Advisory Group and Acacia Financial Group. Bond counsel are Norton Rose and Bryant Rabbino.

If Obama really wants to get Iran, why not send Morgan Stanley over to show them how to make money?

They could do the same thing to Iran that they did to Iceland.
Tell them that they will trade them the revenue stream from Mortgage Backed Securities which are rated AAA by Moody and the S&P in exchange for their oil revenue.

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