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Rising Mortgage Rates Caused By TARP - Crude Hits $75 - October 15, 2008

FDIC loan guarantees, Fannie & Fannie buys of Toxic mortgages, and the TARP is resulting in higher yields, wider GSE Debt spreads and higher ...

Mortgage Rate Volatility Remains a Risk

Mortgage rates   were effectively unchanged today, despite political developments in Italy providing plenty of justification to move higher.  Specifically, Italian lawmakers found a way to move forward with staffing a new coalition government despite an apparent impasse earlier this week.  That impasse was an underlying factor for the big drop in rates this week.

It could be that the news out of Italy was offset by other developments (tariff announcement and news of Deutsche Bank's "troubled" status with the Fed), or it may have simply been too late in the day for European markets to react.  We'll know more about that tomorrow.

In addition to sorting out the true impact European politics (read more about why such a thing matters currently in yesterday's article ), tomorrow also bring the task of reacting to the big jobs report in the morning (which has tons of market-moving street cred).

Home inspection checklist: What to expect on inspection day

No home is perfect

A home inspection checklist can be a valuable tool when you’re selling a property. If you know what an inspector’s going to be looking for, you can sort out minor issues in advance.

Of course, nobody’s expecting perfection. Blemish-free reports are rarer that Trump/Obama sleepovers. And it may be that you’ve already negotiated over some known issues and they’ve been reflected in the price.

However, cherry-picking small problems that are quick, easy and inexpensive to fix can drastically reduce the list of defects a report shows up. And the shorter that list, the better the chances of your sale closing without quibbles.

Verify your new rate (Jun 2nd, 2018) Home inspection checklist: the components

The Mortgage Reports recently published the American Society of Home Inspectors’ (ASHI) list of items that should be inspected:

Heating system Central air conditioning system (temperature permitting) Interior

Will I get less than the average mortgage rates if I have great credit?

We are thinking about buying a house, and I just want to know if we have enough for a 10% down payment, decent income, and a great credit score ; can we expect to get below the average mortgage rates that are listed online? Thanks.

Great credit scores get the best rates.

A lender told me that many online calculators put on a rate for an average credit score, but some quote the best rate available.