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are reverse mortgages bad

Reverse Mortgages are BAD!

Reverse Mortgages are BAD! Aren't they? Get the facts before you decide.

Would a reverse mortgage by any other name smell… sweeter?

My house?)

Surveys (like this one here , and this one here ) have clearly illustrated a bias against the name.

It seems that despite nearly 30 years in action and numerous product improvements, reverse mortgages just can’t shake the bad rap.

Maybe the Brits have it right. A similar equity release product in the U.K. goes by a much more palatable name, one that succinctly describes the loan’s function – a home pension. Now that has a nice ring to it, no?

Spurred by a heated online debate on the topic last year, Reverse Mortgage Daily conducted a poll of its readers asking them to vote on their preferred name. While RMD did offer creative alternatives (equity release mortgage, anyone?), a 32% majority agreed that the industry should stick with “HECM.” (Just under 20% voted to stick with “reverse mortgage,” perhaps thinking it was a little late in the game to switch gears.)

What do you think? Will the product improvements made over the years, paired with a growing need for equity access in retirement, help the industry conquer the bias that holds us back?