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Vera Gibbons spoke with Julie Chen about when is a good time for a reverse mortgage and what to look out for.

FAR Releases Jumbo HELOC Reverse Mortgage 'HomeSafe Select'

FAR and AAG began partnering in March to expand the reach of new private products. AAG markets the jumbos as ‘Advantage’ in its retail channel and HomeSafe in its wholesale channel.

FAR president Kristen Sieffert told RMD in an email that she believes the HomeSafe Select is the final bridge between HECMs and proprietary products.

“In designing HomeSafe Select, we wanted to speak to a borrower who was ready to access some funds but who doesn’t necessarily need all the proceeds available with our HomeSafe products,” she said. “With HomeSafe Select, people can start planning for retirement today and also benefit from a growing line of credit that can be accessed when they need it.”

This is currently the only adjustable rate proprietary reverse mortgage on the market, with the open-end adjustable rate based on the Wall Street Journal 3-month LIBOR index.

To illustrate the use of the loan, FAR provided the example of a 72-year-old in California with a home worth $800,000 and a $80,000 balance on the forward mortgage. This prospective borrower may be able to receive $270,400 in loan proceeds after paying off the first mortgage. This is in contrast to being able to receive approximately $220,000 with the HECM. The borrower’s value in the line of credit could be $305,234 at the end of year three and $432,843 at the end of year 10.

11th Circuit Rejects Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Statute-Based Defense

, Former NBA star, Caldwell Jones, Jr., obtained a reverse mortgage secured by his home. Jones lived in the home with his wife and his minor daughter, until he passed away in 2014. Jones’s wife was not a co-borrower.

When Jones passed, the lender demanded repayment-in-full, citing a provision that required “‘immediate payment-in-full of all sums secured by this Security Instrument’” if “’[a] Borrower dies and the Property is not the principal residence of at least one surviving Borrower.’” The Estate refused to repay the loan, maintaining that section 1715z-20(j) deferred repayment until both spouses had passed or the home had sold. Live Well Financial commenced nonjudicial foreclosure.

In response, the Estate filed a petition seeking an injunction based on section 1715z-20(j). A state court judge granted a temporary restraining order. Live Well Financial then removed the case to federal court, and moved to dismiss, arguing that the statute only restricted HUD’s Secretary from issuing insurance on certain mortgages, and did not affect the rights of the parties under contract. The District Court agreed with Live Well Financial, dismissing the action. The Estate appealed.

if i apply for reverse mortgage do i need equity on my property?

Yes,, you need 40% and can borrow up to 80% of the value (total liens).

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