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AARP sues HUD over Reverse Mortgages: What is a reverse mortgage ttp In this video, real estate attorney hugh Fitzpatrick from Tewksbury Massachusetts discusses the lawsuit ...

21% of Boomers Lack Savings for One Month's Expenses

For boomers who felt slightly more financially prepared, 43% said they felt confident they could cover six months of expenses with only their available cash or savings to live on. The survey defined basic expenses as “housing, food, child care, health care, and other bills.”

Student loans made up a big chunk of the debt that thwarted all three generations’ savings efforts.

“These loans have delayed or prevented members of every generation from achieving major life milestones such as saving for retirement, buying a car or house, or moving from their current residence,” according to a statement from AARP.

Among baby boomers surveyed, more than 50% reported school-related debt in excess of $30,000. While millennials reported an average of $41,000 in student loan debt, baby boomers were not far behind with an average of $38,000.

The survey also looked at Social Security. While 78% of all respondents felt that funds from the program were an important source of income in retirement, 90% of baby boomers saw Social Security as an integral part of their retirement financial security.

How to find financial assistance for aging in place - The San Diego ...

Programs that cover all or some of the costs

An older homeowner might decide the modifications aren't worth the expense and hassle. For someone straining to get by on a fixed income and meager savings, the costs might seem out of the question.

But several government and private programs can help offset the cost of aging in place:

Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance generally won't cover modifications to a home, though Medicare might pay for a walk-in tub or wheelchair ramp if either feature is deemed medically necessary. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants program (at offers grants so Americans 62 or older can make home repairs and improvements for the sake of health and safety. At, the National Council of State Housing Agencies has a list of state offices and organizations offering various types of support and assistance. The U.S. Administration on Aging's "Eldercare Locator"

What are your mute-button commercials?

You know. TV ads that are so annoying that you have to dive for the mute button to avoid hearing them.

Flooring Express. Ugh.