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Exclusive: Jerry Halbrook out as CEO of Lender Price

“Adding a CEO of Jerry Halbrook’s caliber validates the Lender Price vision and strategy for mortgage lending transformation through a technologically superior digital POS and PPE platform that offers unprecedented business analytics,” Costner said at the time. “The mortgage industry is eager to embrace the promise of digital disruption, and Lender Price is strategically positioned to fulfill on that promise.”

Alimi echoed Costner’s sentiments.

“I am very pleased to have Jerry lead Lender Price into the next phase of our business model,” Alimi said in September. “Jerry’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable in leading the company through our accelerated growth and market penetration.”

Halbrook brought a decorated history in the financial services industry to Lender Price.

Did the founders allow white males to vote if their land was mortgaged?

If not, would modern conservatives want to change that provision?