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First National Bank

Antique Dover Traction elevator @ First National Bank Building Roanoke VA

This is the dover elevator at the old First National Bank Building in Roanoke. This should be a better shot than the first. I might do one more ...

First National Bank to mark 100th anniversary

First National Bank, which serves Lawrence, Randolph and Craighead counties, was first chartered on March 10, 1919, as First National Bank of Black Rock. In honor of its 100th anniversary, the venerable institution will celebrate throughout the month of March.

"In 1919, it was organized as a local bank and has remained home owned," said the late Robert H. Smith Jr., who was president and chairman of the board in March of 1994, when the bank celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Robert's son, Milton B. Smith, at the age of 26, took over the helm of the bank shortly after the 75-year milestone. Milton is the third generation family member to be an officer in the bank. Milton's grandfather, Robert H. Smith, served as vice chairman of the board and vice president of the bank throughout the 1960s and until he death in 1972. E.B. Sloan, Milton's other grandfather, served as chairman and vice chairman of the board for many years.

First National Bank Alaska Unaudited Results Announced for Fourth Quarter 2018

Fourth quarter 2017 carried adjustments for transactions related to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which lowered 2018 corporate tax rates and required revaluation of net deferred tax assets and certain investments during December 2017.

Net interest and loan fee income for fourth quarter 2018 was $34.4 million, an increase of 5.8 percent from fourth quarter 2017, positively impacted by rising yields on earning assets and continued low provision for loan losses attributed to the high-quality loan portfolio.

Full year 2018 net income was $54.1 million, or $17.07 per share. Comparatively, net income for 2017 was $36.4 million, or $14.85 per share. Return on assets was 1.46 percent and return on equity was 10.93 percent, increasing from 1.00 percent and 7.27 percent, respectively, during the same period in 2017. The efficiency ratio improved to 52.96 percent compared to 55.05 percent during the same period in 2017. Income tax expense decreased to an effective rate of 23.5 percent.

What's the difference between United Bank and First National Bank?

I live in Griffin, GA and can't decide on who to bank with. I've heard good things about both United Bank and First National Bank (please don't suggest any others.) But i can't quite decide on who to go with in terms of opening up a checking account.

In customer service aspect, it may change with change in staff. Others are almost same in both.