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Fidelity Mortgage Grand Junction was founded with the philosophy that the customer should always come first in mortgage lending. Since our doors ...

Seminars help seniors with home-selling decision

Jackie Vincenzo, senior loan officer at American Fidelity, specializes in home financing for seniors. "We love to help older people who want to sell their current home and buy another one or who want to stay in their current home. Either can qualify for a reverse mortgage, also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)," she said. "Many don't realize that if they are retired and living on their pension and Social Security, they won't qualify for a regular FHA loan but they will likely qualify for a reverse mortgage and I can explain the basics through these workshops."

Darlene Mahnke, a senior real estate specialist with RE/MAX said: "I learned a lot about the aging process as it relates to moving when I was helping my mother, so I decided to help others understand the process, too. Whether they are planning to sell their home and relocate nearby or out of state, or stay in their current home, they will receive a wealth of educational information.

Fidelity Mortgage sells a mortgage on Doug's home to Enterprise Bank.Enterprise erroneously pays the real esta

te taxes on the home. When Enterprise demands reimbursment, Doug refuses, arguing that no contract exists that obligates him to reimburse the bank. What legal theory might Enterprise use to get its money from Doug?

Was there an escrow account set up for taxes in the original loan with Fidelity? If not, chances are Doug also paid the taxes to the county unless Enterprise brought it to Doug's attention that they had already paid them.