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Mountain Crest Mortgage 2008

Citadel's upward trajectory continues

The company is also continuing its innovative offerings.

“We’ve just launched another special,” Fisher said.  “This special is focused on 90% LTV purchase loans. You get up to five eighths (.625) off the rate, depending on if it’s full-documentation or bank statement – and there’s no mortgage insurance requirement.  That’s substantial, and places us in a highly competitive position for purchase business.”

Fisher said that the program is ideal for someone who’s had a life event such as foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale /deed-in-lieu, as long as the event occurred more than two years ago.

“If they missed out on agency requirements for some reason, this is a great product for them,” he said. “It’s a great way to get into the housing market and start building wealth.”

The special runs until the end of September.

“The loan needs to close by the 15th of October – while the timeline seems short, borrowers taking advantage of this product usually have their documents in order, so it should be a pretty quick process,” Fisher said. “We’re offering this with our 12-month bank statement program for income qualification as well.