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Don't sign on the dotted line when your bank comes calling for a mortgage renewal. A CMI broker will make sure you get the best mortgage rate ...

CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation Fund Now Available on NEO Connect

CMI MIC is an Ontario based corporation funding first and second mortgages in urban centers across Canada. The fund provides investors with access to a pool of well analyzed and diversified mortgages.

“CMI MIC focuses on markets that are underpinned by strong economic growth fundamentals, yet provided with little liquidity offered by banks. This creates a gap in the marketplace where CMI MIC can capture a market segment that is not filled by traditional bank lenders while providing its investors with a low-risk investment that provides the return traditional fixed-income products cannot,” said Bryan Jaskolka, Chief Operating Officer, CMI MIC. “We are excited to join the NEO Connect platform and embrace the PTF format so our clients and investors can access our investment product in the most efficient way possible.”

NEO Connect is Canada’s newest and most efficient distribution platform for all types of mutual funds: it allows for bulk trading, integrates seamlessly with investment advisors’ front and back-office systems, requires no minimum investments and distributes its market data to all main market data distribution platforms used by investment advisors. Using NEO Connect, investment advisors can purchase and redeem PTFs with the same ease and efficiency as they trade ETFs. They look up the symbol using their existing equity trading tools, choose the number of units they want and hit “buy”. The order executes at the end of the day at NAV, without any bid/ask spreads. The resulting position automatically integrates into their client accounts – it’s that simple.

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