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Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation Announces Year End and Q4/2017 Results

Management has always taken a proactive approach to loan impairment provision. This is a prudent approach to protecting the stability of dividends to shareholders in the event there are any future issues with any of the investments within the Corporation’s investment portfolio. The impairment provision was increased by $1,240,000 during 2017 to $5,700,000 as at December 31, 2017, and represents 1% of Corporation’s assets.


Details on the Corporation’s investment portfolio as at December 31, 2017 are as follows:

Total gross investment portfolio of $561,501,977, which is an 25% increase over December 31, 2016. Conventional first mortgages, being those first mortgages with loan to values less than 75%, comprise 76.1% of our total portfolio, and total conventional mortgages with loan to values under 75% comprise 86.3% of our total portfolio.

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation Announces Senior Management Changes and Monthly Cash Dividends

Since 1999, Jonathan Mair has served as Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation. Jonathan has predominately overseen all operations of the Corporation, including financial and day to day matters.  Effective immediately, Jonathan will assume the role Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation.

Assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer is Boris Baril. Boris joined the Firm Capital Organization in August 2017 as Group CFO. Boris Baril will be appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation. Boris Baril was most recently Chief Financial Officer of Planet Energy, a privately-held gas and power retailer operating in Canada and the US. Prior to Planet Energy, Boris was VP, Finance at Crius Energy, where he supported Crius' $100 million IPO. Prior to Crius, Boris was Director of Finance with Algonquin Power. Boris was also VP, Finance for Universal Energy, where he supported growth of the entity to 575,000 customers and annualized revenues of over $700 million, and Universal's $143 million IPO and subsequent $90 million convertible debenture offering. Boris graduated from York University and is a CPA, CA.

Is Windsor Capital Mortgage a reliable corporation?

I got a letter saying that they could improve my rate. What i want to know is that is Windsor Capital reliable, or is it just another fraud?

Check with your state's department of banking. The section which licenses Mortgage Bankers and brokers they can tell you.