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Address: 3750 NW 185th Ave Portland, OR 97229
13635 NW Cornell Road Portland,OR97229

Beacon Mortgage® (NMLS License 116835) is an Oregon corporation, and one of Oregon's oldest state incorporated residential mortgage brokerage, serving our customers from our central processing office in Portland, Oregon. Since 1985 we have provided real estate financing to Oregon home buyers, including first time buyers, as well as existing homeowners wishing to refinance their current mortgage to lower their rate or term, or to obtain cash back for any purpose.
Products or Services: Home Loan Refinance, Home Mortgage Online, Home Financing, Fha Mortgage Loan and Sub Prime Mortgage Loans.

Beacon Mortgage Ephrata

Ephrata Mortgage Consultant Brian Williams welcomes you to the new home of Beacon Mortgage in Ephrata

Nurses' Union? Yes and Why

This is in support of voting yes for nurses who are trying to locally organize a union in part in response to corporate decisions from Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH). I have been a working medical health care professional in the state of Montana since 1983 and a past union bargaining representative. I would like to speak to Dr. Craig Lambrecht, KRH’s chief executive officer, stating in newspaper articles that a nurse’s union could threaten the hospital’s independence. I respectfully disagree with that rhetorical statement.

Dr. Lambrecht came from one of the largest rural hospital systems in the U.S., Sanford Health (where unions exist). Sanford Health has 44 hospitals and about 1,400 physicians. It appears that Kalispell Regional may have moved toward what Sanford Health has done in other areas, which is to change to customer centric-interventions that “rarely (if ever) improve the quality of care patients receive,” according to an article by Mathew Keller, RN, JD titled “Sanford Health Gets it Backwards” on the Minnesota Nurses Association’s website (, which lends understanding as to why nurses in the Flathead Valley want bargaining power. Real patient care and safety can’t be sacrificed for a perception of patient care and safety. Fancier hospitals affect perception but do not affect real patient outcomes, including adequate staffing and care.

Typically, how many positive credit points will be added to my beacon score with an on-time mortgage payment?

If I am over 30 days late, I know that dings my credit- but on average how many points does it go up WITH a ON-TIME mortgage payment? Or does it?

Since the exact calculations used by F.I.C.O. are a closely guarded secret it's impossible to actually answer this question.

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