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PrimeLending CIO: How we focus on revenue generation

At PrimeLending , we’re often focused on efficiencies and reducing expenses – all worthwhile objectives – but it’s important not to forget about the revenue side of the house. When interest rates change, mortgage lending becomes more challenging. That’s why a laser focus on creating and maximizing revenue opportunities is especially important for us.

In order to identify these revenue opportunities, we need to be i n tune with our customer’s challenges and desires . One way we do this is by spending time in the field. Earlier this year, I attended regional meetings with our branch managers from all over the country to discuss how the marketplace is changing, the challenges they’re facing, and how IT can help propel the business forward. 

At PrimeLending, for example, our average loan officer is 54 years old. Some are used to doing business in-person, taking loans by hand, and retaining their customers through face-to-face meetings during which they establish rapport. These folks aren’t always receptive to new technology.

Texas Mortgage Firm Survives and Thrives Despite Repeat Sanctions

As his competitors imploded one by one, Jim Hodge, the folksy founder of Allied Home Mortgage Capital , touted his sprawling Houston firm as a survivor.

Not only was Allied still standing, Hodge told employees in a company newsletter in December, it was thriving. "The good news," Hodge wrote, "is that even though we are all having to work harder, most branches are making lots of money."

But an examination of Hodge's mortgage company by ProPublica found that its prosperity has come at a price for dozens of customers who claim Allied brokers have put their homes at risk, lied to them or improperly siphoned money from their deals.

The firm has left behind a trail of alleged misconduct and piecemeal government sanctions spanning at least 18 states and seven years. Yet Allied chugs along unimpeded, aided by access to the government-backed Federal Housing Administration loan program.

Over the past year, the FBI and federal prosecutors have made mortgage fraud a priority, filing criminal charges across the country. Regulators, such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development , also say they are getting tough. But Allied's history shows how even repeat offenders can fall through gaps in the fragmented safety net meant to protect mortgage borrowers.

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