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The Industry Pulse: Updates on Ocwen, RoundPoint, and More

Falling behind on loans is sometimes inevitable for some homeowners. Now a new partnership between  Ocwen Financial Corporation and  Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust  (BNT), a non-profit organization that provides an array of services in the Bridgeport community, aims to educate families who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments by discussing loan modification options that can help them catch up. Homeowners who attend the event will meet one-on-one with Ocwen Home Retention Agents and housing counselors from Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust, a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-approved counseling agency. Homeowners will have the opportunity to discuss their unique situations and receive information about potential options to lower their mortgage payments to make their homes more affordable.

Competitive gap among CT's small, big banks narrowing

Connecticut's smaller community and regional banks are gaining ground on their much larger, out-of-state competitors.

According to the latest market-share report recently published by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., five major money-center lenders with significant branch outposts in the state shed a combined $1.7 billion in deposits in Connecticut, and ceded market share from June 30, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

While these deposit snapshots only reflect a specific point in time, this represents the first time in at least five years that so many big U.S. and international banks in the state shed deposits, which are a vital source of funds that lenders reinvest as consumer and commercial loans.

Banks profit on the interest difference on what they pay for deposits and earn from loans.

New York's JPMorgan Chase Bank, America's No. 1 bank by assets, California's Wells Fargo Bank (No. 3), New York's Citibank (No. 4), Canada's TD Bank (No. 8), and Santander Bank, all shed Connecticut deposits and market share in the latest 12-month period, according to FDIC data. Citibank shed the most — $694 million in deposits, an 11 percent decline.

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There’s one thing more shocking than the illegal alien smuggling advice that an ACORN official in San Diego gave undercover journalists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

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