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New American Mortgage Merger Announcement on March Mar 17, 2011

Charlotte Chamber President Bob Morgan along with former NFL player Casey Crawford announce the merger of Charlotte companies New American ...

First American Announces Agreement to Acquire Bank of America's Lien Release Business Operations and Assets

, A single, vertically integrated suite that combines post-closing document management, loan quality control, lien release preparation and recording to cure, perfect and complete collateral files. The acquisition will complement First American Mortgage Solutions’ existing best-in-class post-closing and document management capabilities, augmenting First American’s ability to serve the lender, servicer and investor communities.

"This move will further solidify First American’s industry leadership in post-closing services and collateral file perfection,” said Kevin Wall, president of First American Mortgage Solutions. “It demonstrates our ability and commitment to provide lenders, servicers and investors post-closing services at an unmatched scale and level of efficiency, supported by fraud detection, loan quality and compliance analytics, and First American’s number-one industry position in real property data coverage.

A brand new Boston, even whiter than the old

Imagine a fresh start — a chance for Boston to build a new urban neighborhood of the future, untouched by the bigotry of the past.

Start with a swath of nearly 1,000 acres, where rotting railroad piers and asphalt parking lots had lain fallow for generations. Invest more than $18 billion in public money to create some of America’s most valuable property. Envision a seaside neighborhood that city planners said would be for all Bostonians.

And what happened? One of the city’s whitest neighborhoods was born.

In Boston’s thriving Seaport, the pre-dawn joggers are almost all white. The morning rush of commuters — lawyers, accountants, scientists, and financiers — includes very few black faces. The same whiteness dominates night life at the Envoy Hotel’s roof-top bar, such restaurants as Strega Waterfront and Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca, bowling at Kings Dining & Entertainment, and the yoga and exercise classes out on Seaport Common.

Is Obama going to CHANGE the lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? ?

Privatizing these institutions is not going to make the problems go away, sooner or later the realities must be admitted and handled correctly, this is simply going to make future Americans pay for this mess.

um... They were taken over by government. That's the opposite of privatization.

Yes, it's a put off. The inevitable will happen... but off of George Bush's watch.

People are dumb. It's a fact of life.