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New American Mortgage Merger Announcement on March Mar 17, 2011

Charlotte Chamber President Bob Morgan along with former NFL player Casey Crawford announce the merger of Charlotte companies New American ...

GSE reform could increase costs to borrowers: CBO | American Banker

But these alternative scenarios could also spur slightly higher mortgage rates and lower home prices, the report found.

In the event of a crisis, borrowers would see even sharper increases in interest rates and would have fewer mortgage options. In a mostly private secondary market, this would lead to significant declines in home prices.

“If the secondary market were largely privatized, there would be no explicit federal guarantees on most residential mortgages,” the report says. “But some type of government intervention might be necessary to stabilize mortgage markets during a financial crisis.”

Policymakers have expressed concern over how GSE reform would affect borrowing costs, and the issue “has been the biggest obstacle to GSE legislation,” wrote Jaret Seiberg, an analyst with Cowen Washington Research Group, in a research note on Friday.

“This worry convinces lawmakers to maintain the status quo rather than be accused of raising prices on voters,” he wrote. “Critics of reform will point to this CBO conclusion as a way to knock down any effort to revamp the housing finance system as they will ask lawmakers why they are making it more costly for borrowers to buy a home.

LendingHome Tops $3 Billion in Loan Originations

Fueled by the efficiency of its proprietary technology, LendingHome has also funded the purchase of more than 14,000 houses and returned to investors more than $1.6 billion in principal and over $133 million in interest.

“LendingHome’s goal is to radically improve every aspect of the mortgage process for customers who simply want and need a better way to get a home loan,” said Matt Humphrey, co-founder and CEO of LendingHome. “The solution we provide has profoundly resonated with the fix and flip industry. This segment of the mortgage market recently accounted for almost 7 percent* of all homes sold, and we are proud to be a trusted partner helping fuel that growth.”

The "fix and flip" industry – in which property investors buy, rehabilitate (fix), and resell (flip) residential homes – provides a vital service to U.S. consumers who want to buy a home, but find themselves in the midst of a nationwide housing shortage: the rate of new home construction is near its lowest level in 60 years of record keeping**. Meanwhile, about 70% of the U.S. housing stock was built prior to 1989, according to the American Housing Survey , and is likely in need of significant repair or renovation.

Is Obama going to CHANGE the lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? ?

Privatizing these institutions is not going to make the problems go away, sooner or later the realities must be admitted and handled correctly, this is simply going to make future Americans pay for this mess.

um... They were taken over by government. That's the opposite of privatization.

Yes, it's a put off. The inevitable will happen... but off of George Bush's watch.

People are dumb. It's a fact of life.